Roblox Crusaders Heaven Tier List 2022 (Best Characters)

ROBLOX Crusaders’ Heaven is a combat game introducing the trading feature that allows the players to trade stands, items, and accessories with other players. The game is based on a popular TV/Manga series, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.”

The characters of Crusaders’ Heaven are categorized into different tiers. The most popular characters in the tier SS are SSJ4 Gogeta and Super Saiyan Gogeta. Star Platinum: The World OVA and Star Chadinum rank in tier S while Star Platinum: The Galaxy and Maga King Crimson are the best characters in tier A. Galaxy Platinum and Jotaro Part 6 rank in tier B. Some characters in tier A are Star Platinum: The Galaxy and Maga King Crimson. Galaxy Platinum ranks in tier B and Jotaro Part 4 ranks in tier C. Jotaro is a character in tier D and Shiny Star Platinum ranks in tier E.

SS Tier

SSJ4 GogetaSS
Super Saiyan GogetaSS
Legendary Super Saiyan BrolySS
Broly, VegitoSS
Deimos The WorldSS
Deimos CrimsonSS

S Tier

Star Platinum: The World OVAS
Star ChadinumS
Star Platinum TelevisionS
Inferno ChariotS
The World: OVAS
Star Platinum OVAS
Shadow The WorldS
Susk: Act 4S
Valentine PlatinumS

A Tier

Star Platinum: The GalaxyA
Maga King CrimsonA
Your ValentineA

B Tier

Galaxy PlatinumB
Jotaro Part 6B
Angel QueenB
Manga The WorldB

C Tier

Jotaro Part 4C
Boss GiornoC
Evil Spirit: The WorldC

D Tier

Shadow KnightD
French ChariotD
Evil SpiritD
The World Alternate Universe Over HeavenD

E Tier

Shiny Star PlatinumE
Manga Star PlatinumE
Silver Chariot OVAE
Golden ChariotE
Moss PlatinumE
Killer KingE
Shiny Killer QueenE
Shiny The HandE
Violet HandE
Manga Gold ExperienceE
The World: Greatest HighE
Shiny Gold ExperienceE
Dark ExperienceE
24k Gold ExperienceE
Volcanic ExperienceE
Void ExperienceE
Dark The WorldE
Bloody The WorldE
Shiny King Crimson: DoppioE
The NightE
Black The WorldE
The PlatinumE
Child Silver ChariotE
Moss PlatinumE
Shiny Star Platinum: The WorldE
Shadow KillerE
Manga Gold Experience RequiemE
Shiny Gold Experience RequiemE
Dark Experience RequiemE
Volcanic Experience RequiemE
24k Gold Experience RequiemE
Manga King CrimsonE
Void Experience RequiemE
Violet KingE
Dark CrimsonE
Shiny King CrimsonE
Shiny Tusk: Act 4E
Metal Tusk: Act 4E
Manga Tusk: Act 4E
Demon The World: Alternate UniverseE
Oreo The World: Alternate UniverseE
The World: High VoltageE
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