Roblox Harem Hotel Codes 2023 (Updated)

Harem Hotel is a Visual Novel game featured on the Roblox platform. You will play the role of a young boy. He inherited a hotel named Harem Hotel, where eight beautiful women stay. Your task will be to upgrade the hotel and build friendships with the girls. Follow the stories of these girls, train them and try to enhance their statistics.

Harem Hotel Codes:

The codes in the Harem Hotel Roblox are used to get the free money and to maximize the statistics of the characters and much more. The codes are designed to provide you with the best possible gaming experience. You will have real fun playing the game while using the Roblox codes. You will have the best game experience using the valid and original codes.

Active codes:

maxkali: This code is used to maximize Kali’s stats.
maxashley: This code maximizes Ashley’s stats.
maxmaria: This code is used to maximize Maria’s stats.
maxbot: This code will maximize the Android stats.
maxfelicityandemma: This code is used to maximize Felicity and Emma’s stats.
truestory (on your pc in your room): This code will convert Felicity and Emma from Clones to Twins.
spinningtv: This code will add purple mod.
ifuck e dlucy: Lucia “let’s have fun” if you didn’t at the kali event.
dayplus10: This code will add 10 days.
gimmeallyourmoney: You will get $ 999,999 by using this code.
gimmesomemoney: This code will give you $ 1,000.
maxall: This code is used to maximize the statistics of each character.
maxlin: This code maximizes Lin’s stats.

Expired Codes:

There are no expired codes in the Harem Hotel game yet. All of the codes are working perfectly in the game. None of the code has stopped working. So, there are no codes in this list.

How to Redeem the Harem Hotel Codes:

You can redeem Harem Hotel codes by following the below steps:

  • You have to start the computer in your room.
  • Then select the “input code” option.
  • Enter your code in the blank area.
  • And then press the enter button. This will give you an instant output.

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