Roblox Harvest Simulator Codes 2022

Harvest Simulator is a Roblox game. You have to roam around the map to collect plants and pets. You will earn cash after collecting the plants; you can use this cash to upgrade your land and get better pets. If you purchase rebirth, then you can increase your harvesting abilities. 

Active Codes

1000LikesUse it to get a 1,000 Likes Pet
100kUse it to get a Mosquito Pet
150kUse it to get 150,000 Cash
2kfavUse it to get a Slug Pet
50kvisitsUse it to get 50,000 Cash
5kvisitsUse it to get 5,000 Cash
AlphaUse it to get 1,000 Cash
ATRXUse it to get an ATRX Pet
HarvestUse it to get 450 Cash
LiveUse it to get 1,400 Cash
ReleaseUse it to get 150 Cash

How to use codes in Harvest Simulator?

When you enter the Harvest Simulator, you should look for the Twitter button on the side of the screen. Click it to open up a code redemption box. Copy one of our codes from the list and paste it into the box. Then, hit redeem to get your reward!

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