Roblox Melee Simulator Codes 2022

Melee Simulator is a roblox game in which the players need to kill the monsters using their melee weapons. You will earn cash and gems after bringing the enemies down. Use them to upgrade your swords and purchase new worlds. Buy some pets that will fight along with you.  

Active Codes

Currently, there are no active codes.

Expired Codes

2020Use it to get 2020 gem
July4Use it to get 500 Gems (NEW)
2MILUse it to get 25,000 cash
60KGROUPUse it to get 60,000 cash
7KUse it to get 7,000 gems
80KUse it to get 80,000 Cash (NEW)
8500LIKESUse it to get 15 minutes 2x cash boost
BIGCASHUse it to get cash
C45H3ZUse it to get 15,000 cash.
D45HUse it to get 15 minutes x2 speed boost.
DELMOZUse it to get 250 gems
DOUBL3C45SHUse it to get 2x cash boost
DRAGORUse it to get 2,500 gems
ELVILLEUse it to get invincibility boost
EVILUse it to get auto sell boost
EZCASHUse it to get 5 minutes of 2x cash boost
FREECODEUse it to get 25,000 cash
G3MUse it to get 15 gems.
G3MMYUse it to get 50 gems
GALAXYUse it to get 50,000 cash
HAPPYUse it to get 50,000 cash
INVINCIBL3Use it to get 10 minutes of invincibility boost
MONEYMONEYUse it to get 50,000 cash.
NOVELTYUse it to get 50,000 cash
PETZUse it to get 15 gems
QUICKSELLUse it to get 5 minutes of auto sell boost
SPRINT3RUse it to get 15 minutes 2x speed boost
WILDWESTUse it to get a boost (NEW)

How to Redeem codes in Roblox Melee Simulator ?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Roblox Melee Simulator:

  • Start the game and click on the “CODES” button located on the right side of your screen. 
  • This will open up the code redemption window. 
  • Enter your code in the text box.
  • Finally, click the “Redeem” button to get an immediate output.   
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