Roblox Mining Legends Codes 2023 (Updated)

Mining Legends is a mining simulator game in which you need to start digging with your pickaxe. Go into the mines and dig to find out the blocks. Then gather all the ores and gemstone which you will find during mining and they will give you a massive amount of coins. You can spend these coins to enhance your mining abilities. You have to become the greatest miner, the Mining Legend of all time. 

Active Codes

AlienUse it to get an Alien Serpent Pet
DEMOUse it to get 100 Coins and 100 Gems
GOLDENUse it to get a Golden Star Pet
ICEYUse it to get 100 Coins and 100 Gems
IMPOSTORUse it to get a Limited Red Impostor Pet
KNIGHTLYUse it to get 100 Coins and 100 Gems
MINIUse it to get a Limited Mini Tofuu Pet
NUCLEARUse it to get a Nuclear Monkey [Limited time only]
OPPETUse it to get a free OP Dominus pet
RELEASEUse it to get 250 Coins
RUSSOUse it to get 500 Gems
WIZARDUse it to get Evil Wizard pet

How to Redeem codes in Roblox Mining Legends ?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Roblox Mining Legends:

  • Enter into the game and click the Twitter icon, located at the left side of the screen.
  • This will open up a new screen. 
  • Enter your code in the text box. 
  • And then strike the “Green arrow” button to generate code output. 
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