Roblox Murder Blox Codes 2022

Murder Blox is the best roblox game for the lovers of muder games. There are lots of playing modes in this game, you can choose to play any of them. Make new friends and explore mysterious murder cases. You can buy game items by collecting the coins. 

Active Codes

3MILLIONUse it to get a 3Million knife
BURSTUse it to get a Purple Haze Knife
C0RRUPTUse it to get the Corrupt knife
CHROMAUse it to get a Chroma Valor Knife
FR0ZENUse it to get the Frozen Bow
FREEUse it to get a free Reward
FREECHROMAUse it to get a Chroma Deathshard Knife
FREESPINUse it to get a free Weapon Spin
H4MMERUse it to get the Frozen Hammer
OCEANUse it to get a Kraken Knife and a Madness Revolver
SH4RDUse it to get the Shard knife
SNOWFLAKEUse it to get the Snowflake effect
SPRINGUse it to get a Miracle Knife
THANKYOUUse it to get a cool reward
TRIDENTUse it to get a Golden Trident Knife
V4LORUse it to get the Valor knife
VIP3RUse it to get a Viper Hammer Knife
W1NTERUse it to get the Winterfrost knife
WAVEUse it to get a Tides Knife
XMAS2020Use it to get the Xmas knife

How to Redeem codes in Roblox Murder Blox ?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Roblox Murder Blox Codes:

  • Open the game and click the Twitter button located on the side of the screen.
  •  The code redemption window will open up as a result.
  • Input your code in the text box and hit the “Redeem” button to generate an instant output. 

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