Roblox Murder Mystery 4 Codes 2021

In Roblox Murder Mystery 4 game, you have the choice to play as a murderer, innocent or sheriff. Play as a murderer and murder everyone in the game. You need to protect yourself from the murderer while playing the role of innocent. Sheriff will kill the murderer to save everyone.  

Active Codes

2021Use it to get an American Set (NEW)
R4INBOWUse it to get a Rainbow Set (NEW)

Expired Codes

50000Use it to get 50,000 Coins
BANHAMMERZUse it to get Ban Hammer weapon
CHR0MAT1CUse it to get Chromatic set of Knives & Weapons
COINS4DAYSUse it to get free Coins
FREEKNIFESUse it to get Icewing & Harrow Blade Knives
FUNUse it to get Peppa Pig Knife
G3MMAUse it to get Gamma set of Knives & Weapons
HAPPY4THOFJULY!Use it to get American Blade & American Revolvers
L0BBYUse it to get Rainbow Blade of Underworld
N3WUPDAT3Use it to get a free reward
PIGGYUse it to get Flame Thrower Revolver

How to Redeem codes in the Roblox Murder Mystery 4 ?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Roblox Murder Mystery 4:

  • Open the game and click the Present button located on the left bottom side of your screen. 
  • This will open up a new window. 
  • Input the code in the text box and press the enter button to get your desired reward. 
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