Roblox Piggy 2 Chapter 4 Glitch Montage

This guide will let you know how to do the glitches in Piggy 2 Chapter 4 Montage. 

You can do it in r15. Hammer Early (Blue key skip) Maybe just a glitch. It’s here.

You will need to get outside the building.

And align the bottom left of your avatar to the corner.

Move the camera to the front of your avatar and zoom in.

You are now outside.

Sadly, You go through everything.

Inside the window glitch. It’s the same as the outside the building glitch.

From here you’re safe, just hug the window.

Make your way to the Elevator, then crouch and walk backwards.

Then you have to turn around using a zoom like this.

Do the same thing to get out, walk into the wall, jump then do /e dance2.

At this part of the dance, you will need to zoom in. You have to unlock the screwdriver first or you will get stuck.

Music ended, so here’s Another epic Exyl music.

Don’t know how to cleanly transition between the two pieces of music.

So this is what you get.

This can only be done in r6. You can only grab the purple key here.

Try to grab another key but you can’t.

To get out, zoom in and move the camera a bunch.

This next glitch only works in the bot gamemode.

If you go in this room and jump on the drawer.

The bot will lose track and can’t kill you.

You can do the glitch where you align the bottom left of your avatar and turn around.

If you want to get out, zoom in and move the camera. There’s a room near the washing machines that contains the hammer . You can skip it by doing the same glitch on the vent.

As usual, zoom in and move the camera to get out. Go in r6, then walk into the corner here.

Then zoom you have to zoom in to turn around.

Do the same thing on the emergency box.

You can only do this in r15. Crouch and walk down right into the wall here. When the bot is under you, drop down.

If it’s a player, you will die.

To do this next glitch, you will need to go to the ground floor in r15.

Crouch, zoom in, move backwards into the wall and spam jump.

To move sideways, zoom in like this and move to the sides.

You can only do this last glitch in r15.

Crouch and carefully walk around the railings.

If you let go of pressing down. You would be harder to kill.


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