Roblox Piggy Chapter 12 Glitches

This guide will provide you with all the Roblox Piggy Chapter 12 glitches. 

To do these glitches, you have to be in r6.

For the first two glitches, you have to use the orange keycard.

You will need to laugh clip on this.

Fly glitch.

Walk onto the railings and then jump.

Do /e laugh, and at the farthest back of them laugh, you will need to zoom in twice.

Under the map glitch.

Go down and enter into the room, as shown in the image below.

Hold the direction of the corner, then zoom in on the front of your character.

To get under the map, go through these bars by zooming in and walking sideways. This next glitch is a bit inconsistent.

You have to do /e laugh, then zoom in a bunch of times.

You are now safe here (Until the pad gets exploded, where you can glitch under here again).


This last glitch is a way to get back from exploding the platform.

You just placed it on the portal trap before the platform gets exploded, then another afterward.

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