Roblox Squid Game Codes 2022

In the Roblox Squid Game, you have to play green light and red light games. Fight against others, and cheat to make your way to the end. But if you do well, then you will face the consequences. Squid Game is based on the Squid Game, a Netflix series. 

Active Codes

100kMembers?Use it to get a free reward
100MillionVisits!Use it to get the 100m Skin
250kEpicnessUse it to get an Epic Bat Skin
30kMembersUse it to get 250 Cash
350kLikesUse it to get 25 Souls
450kLikesUse it to get 1,500 Cash
500kLikesUse it to get a Baseball Bat Skin
5kFollowersUse it to get 5 Souls
EvenMoreLikesUse it to get Casual Colors Crate
FloodEscapeUse it to get 250 Cash
FrontPage!Use it to get 200 Cash
HalfABillionUse it to get a Baseball Bat Skin
I’m BackUse it to get 5 Super Pushes
LikesLikesLikesUse it to get Cash
LotsOfLikes!Use it to get 250 Cash
LotsOfPlayersUse it to get 300 Cash
LotsOfStuffUse it to get 500 Cash
MarblesUse it to get 100 Cash
RBBattlesUse it to get 250 Cash
RobloxUpUse it to get 500 Cash
ThanksPewDiePieUse it to get 500 Cash
TonsOfLikesUse it to get 250 Cash

How do I redeem codes in Squid Game?

There is a CODE button on the side of the screen in the Roblox Squid Game. Click on it and you will see a box to enter your code. Copy one of our codes from this article, paste it into the box, and hit redeem to get your reward!

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