Roblox Viet Nam Piece Tier List 2023 (Best Fruits)

VietNamPiece is a role-playing game that allows you to delve deep into the world of fruit and swords. You can become powerful, or at least powerful enough to take on the other players.

The fruits in VietNamPiece are categorized into different tiers. The best fruits in tier SS are Srting Fruit and Termor x Dark Fruit, while Ice Fruit and Magma Fruit are the best ones in tier S. Flame Fruit rank in A tier and Sand Fruit rank in B tier.

SS Tier

Srting FruitSS
Termor x Dark FruitSS
Black FlameSS
Quak FruitSS

S Tier

Ice FruitS
Magma FruitS
Delete GumS

A Tier

Flame FruitA
Phoenix FruitA
Light FruitA
Rumble FruitA

B Tier

Sand FruitB
Doge FruitB
Bomb FruitB
Dark FruitB
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