Roger Tips – Mobile Legends

This guide will explain everything you need to know about Pro Roger in Mobile Legends. It will provide you with tips and tricks that will help you to progress while playing with Roger.  


How to activate his passive?

Roger slows down enemies with basic attacks on humans.

In wolf form, his basic attack deals more damage.  

First skill: 

Roger’s first skill rapidly shoots twice.  

And slows down enemies and reduces their physical defense.

Second skill:

The second skill of Rogers increases his movement speed.


Roger jumps into a wolf and slows down enemies when he hits a target. 

He also gets defense and movement speed in wolf form.

Wolf form:

First skill:

Roger jumps forward and deals damage to up to 3 enemies nearby. 

This skill doesn’t work up to 4 or more enemies. Most importantly, the kills or assets reduce this skill’s CD.

Second Skill:

Roger’s second skill increases his attack speed with this form.

It indicates his attack speed when he is in this form. Also, when casting this skill, Roger starts running faster if he sees an enemy with low HP. If you notice, roger runs faster when he is nearby an enemy with low HP. 


Roger rolls and becomes a human again and gains a shield. Also, he can dash through the wall. 


Combo: (human form) 2+1+3+(wolf form)+2+1

Build, Emblem and Spell:

You can use this build, and it will work perfectly most of the time. 

You can use “retribution” because it is recommended when you are a jungler. 

You can use the Assassin Emblem.

You have to make sure you max out boots for fast rotation.

Also, maxed out penetration to deal more damage. 

For the talent emblems, you can use killing sprees. 

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