Rogue Company – Controls Guide

Rogue Company is a free-to-play, multiplayer shooter for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5. Players can choose to play as one of the various playable characters from the Rogue Company universe. players can team up with friends or family to take on waves of enemy combatants in objectives-based game modes.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Rogue Company.


Open MapMPress M to Open Map
Open StoreBPress B to Open Store
Open ScoreboardTabPress Tab to Open Scoreboard
Push to TalkTPress T to Push to Talk
Contextual PingMiddle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to Contextual Ping
Emote / Spray WheelZPress Z to Emote / Spray Wheel
QuitXPress X to Quit
Team CommYPress Y to Use Team Comm


ForwardW / Up ArrowPress W / Up Arrow to Move Forward
BackwardS / Down ArrowPress S / Down Arrow to Move Backward
LeftA / Left ArrowPress A / Left Arrow to Move Left
RightD / Right ArrowPress D / Right Arrow to Move Right
Jump / MantleSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump / Mantle
SprintLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Sprint
CrouchCPress C to Crouch
Dodge RollLeft CtrlPress Left Ctrl to Dodge Roll


AimRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Aim
FireLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Fire
InteractFPress F to Interact
ReloadRPress R to Reload
GadgetGPress G to Gadget
Toggle ShoulderEPress E to Toggle Shoulder
AbilityQPress Q to Use Ability
Swap to Weapon 11Press 1 to Swap to Weapon 1
Swap to Weapon 22Press 2 to Swap to Weapon 2
Swap to Melee Weapon3Press 3 to Swap to Melee Weapon
Swap to Bomb4Press 4 to Swap to Bomb
Swap Gadgets5Press 5 to Swap Gadgets
Swap to Next WeaponMouse Wheel DownPress Mouse Wheel Down to Swap to Next Weapon
Swap to Previous WeaponMouse Wheel UpPress Mouse Wheel Up to Swap to Previous Weapon
MeleeVPress V to Melee
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