Rome Total War Cheat Codes

Rome Total War is an absolute classic game that was released way back in 2004.  This game is still ruling the hearts of the fans of this series. The game story is based in the era of Ancient Rome from 270 BC to 14 AD. It is an older game as compared to others but it has a real world showing the real way how the Roman, Greeks, African nations fought from the house of Rome. The game play revolves around strategic campaigns and real time tactical battles. The strategic content forces the players to spend XX of hours in the game. After so many years of release,  Rome Total War is still considered as the best game of its genre.

If you are short of money, traits, units or any other game feature/item, then you can use the cheat codes to reward yourself.

To use the cheat codes in the Rome Total War game, open the console window by hitting the  “ ~ ” button on your keyboard. Then enter your code in this window to get yourself the desired rewards. Must follow the correct syntax of a particular cheat code while typing.

Rome Total War PC Cheats

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