Rome Total War Cheat Codes

Rome Total War is an absolute classic game that was released way back in 2004.  This game is still ruling the hearts of the fans of this series. The game story is based in the era of Ancient Rome from 270 BC to 14 AD. It is an older game as compared to others but it has a real world showing the real way how the Roman, Greeks, African nations fought from the house of Rome. The game play revolves around strategic campaigns and real time tactical battles. The strategic content forces the players to spend XX of hours in the game. After so many years of release,  Rome Total War is still considered as the best game of its genre.

If you are short of money, traits, units or any other game feature/item, then you can use the cheat codes to reward yourself.

To use the cheat codes in the Rome Total War game, open the console window by hitting the  “ ~ ” button on your keyboard. Then enter your code in this window to get yourself the desired rewards. Must follow the correct syntax of a particular cheat code while typing.

Rome Total War PC Cheats

list_traitsThis cheat code will list all the traits.
list_unitsThis code is used to list all the units in an army.
mp [number]This cheat code will give movement points to the character.
oliphauntThis code is used to create a unit of Yubtseb elephants
output_unit_positionsThis cheat code will display the positions of all units in battle.
process_cqThis code is used to complete all building in a construction queue.
process_rqThis cheat code will complete all military units in the recruitment queue.
capture_settlementThis code is used to capture any particular settlement.
character_resetThis cheat code is used to reset character to the starting stats.
clear_messagesThis code is used to clear all the messages.
control [faction name]This cheat code will switch player control to another faction.
create_building [city] [building]This code is used to create the building in the city.
create_unit [settlement] [unit] [number] [experience] [defenses] [attack]This cheat code will creates a unit in the particular settlement.
damage_wallThis code is used to damage the walls of a settlement.
date [year]This cheat code will change the specified year.
diplomacy_missionThis code is used to create diplomacy mission.
diplomatic_stanceThis code is used to set the diplomacy stance of two factions.
disable_aiThis cheat code will turn off AI for allies and enemies.
event_cutscenes [true or false]This cheat code will remove the cut scenes.
filter_coastlinesThis code is used to apply filter on the world map.
force_battle_defeatThis cheat code will force the player ally to lose the battle.
force_battle_victoryThis code forces the player ally to win battle.
force_diplomacyThis cheat code will force opponent to accept the diplomatic proposal.
bestbuy or gamestopThis code makes units 10% cheaper in the campaign mode.
give_trait [character] [trait] [number for level]This cheat code will give any trait your faction can have to character.
give_trait_points [character] [number]This code gives trait points to a character.
move_character [character] [X,Y]This cheat code will move the character to map coordinates.
halt_aiThis code is used to halt AI turn sequence.
invulnerable_generalThis cheat code will make general invulnerable in the combat.
JerichoEnemy walls fall during siege in battle map mode
factionlist_ancillariesThis cheat code will list all the available ancillaries.
list_charactersThis code is used to list all the characters in the game.
give_trait [character] [trait] [number]This cheat code will grant trait to your character.
add_money [number]This code is used to add money to your character.
add_population [settlement] [number]This cheat code will add population in the specified settlement.
adjust_sea_bed [number]This code is used to adjust the height of sea bed.
ai_turn_speed [number]This cheat code will set the max turn speed for AI.
auto_win [attacker or defender]Automatic win for attacker or defender.
burn_piggies_burnThis cheat code will ignite all piggy wings.
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