[Rox Update] Pet System

In this brief guide, you will get to know about the latest update on Pet System Available! And How To Catch a Pet in Rox.

ROX TW server has a big update. And they have updated the pet system, so you can catch a pet.

You will get a new tutorial quest after logging in, just follow that quest.

And the quest told me to buy a slingshot.

You can also buy various taming items here. And then the NPC will give you the bullet. You will get the skill to catch a pet with a taming item.

Prontera south gate (channel 8)

Before you catch, you have to hit the monster more, less the monster HP, more chance to succeed.

The slingshot is for attacking the monster, it needs the bullet, just like when using a bow weapon.

In the skill description that will cost you 10, but it means you need 10 pcs of the taming item.

And even if you don’t get the same 3 pictures in the slot machine, it still gives you success.

Well, the pet will give you additional slat, and the stats can increase with the pet’s level.

To increase the pet level, you must feed your pet like the favor system.

Or you can just pet them, but it is a little expensive. And the stat from the pet is only active if you deploy the pet. When the favor reaches level 10 you can evolve the pet too.


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