Ruins Adventure Guide – Auto Heroes

This guide will provide you with some tips for Ruins Adventure in Auto Heroes. It will help you to proceed further in the game. 

Step 1 to 6: Fight the stronger enemy team, compared to the enemy teams later on. 

It is way easier to defeat enemy teams in steps 1 to 6, so fight in these early steps to get your buffs.   

You have to make sure to utilize your healers. 

Don’t rely on the ultra resurrection; just claim your buff on the altar.

First Treasure: Arcane energy

You will need to keep on fighting the bigger helm until you get to the second treasure.

Second treasure: glisten essence 

You have to decide if you fight or skip; if your hero’s HP is too low, skip. If your team can still fight, go for it and do this until you get to level 9.

Third Treasure: Refining potions

Now step 9 onwards, you don’t have to skip through and fight the easier one. 

Both skip, and pick any, both altars anyway. 

Fourth Treasure: Memory Ashes 

Skip is available to get to the altars. No skip now; you will need to fight the easier team.

The event is also a skip with additional rewards; make sure to take the treasure, though. 

There’s a tip that you must balance your hero’s star level.

To avoid wrong scaling of the enemy team. Having a secondary team helps too, so take advantage of the training camp.  

Fifth Treasure: Courage Coins

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