Scout Guide for ARK: Extinction

This guide will tell you everything about the Scout in ARK: Extinction

Scout is a new item in the game, and it is easy to craft. You will need to go to the city terminal located throughout the city to make it. When you get there, you will see different Ingrams available to you. As shown in the image below, you need some metal ingots, crystals, element dust, and electronics to make the scout.  

The metal ingots are easy to make; you need to get metal and put it into a smelter to craft metal ingots. You can get other items by harvesting them from the lamp posts; when you get to the lamp post, you have to use your hatchet or pickaxe to get the crystals, element dust, electronics, and scrap metal. Then you can also turn them into metal ingots. 

When you have all the items, you will need to place them into the city terminal, and then you can easily craft scouts.

Once you have the scout, you have to put it into your hotbar and if you press the left click, you will throw the eyes of the scout. When there is a red color, it means there is a hostile creature and the blue color indicates that it’s passive and the yellow means that it is actively running, as shown in the image below.  

By left-clicking, you can tag organisms which will help you keep track of them for later use. If you press the right click, you will have a weak charge attack. You can also have the elemental counter at the bottom side of the screen, telling you how much element you have left.

If you want to leave the view, you have to press the E button, which will change your eyes to the normal view. Once you do it, the scout will only be there for 60 seconds, and after that, it will disappear, as shown in the image below. 

Within 60 seconds, you cannot mount any other dinosaur, and if you want to mount the dinosaur, you quickly have to throw the remote onto the ground. The scout has the maximum range, and when you reach it, you will see some static on the screen and a warning pop up that will tell you that if you go any further, you will disconnect, as shown in the image below. 

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