SCP Tower Defense Codes 2022

In SCP Tower Defense, you will need to recruit different units to defend your base from the attacks of enemies and monsters. The game consists of different stages, and you can purchase more towers to defend against the attacks.

Active Codes

doctorUse it to get Coins & Shards
Mole RatsUse it to get Coins & Shards
NewJourneyUse it to get 500 Coins
RobloxReturnsUse it to get Coins
shy guyUse it to get Coins & Shards
ThanksFor3MUse it to get Coins
ThanksFor5MUse it to get Coins & Shards
XKClassUse it to get 800 Coins

Expiry Codes

AbleUse it to get 75 Shards
ThanksFor1MUse it to get 1,500 Coins & 150 Shards
ThanksFor500KUse it to get 1,000 Coins & 100 Shards

How do I redeem codes in SCP Tower Defense?

Tap on the button that says “Daily Rewards & Codes” and copy a code from our list of codes. Paste it into the textbox that says “Enter Code” and then hit the button that says “Claim!” You will get a reward.

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