Secret Classes in One Punch Man Destiny/a Hero’s Destiny

In this brief guide, you will find out about secret classes (Gogeta, Broly, and Beerus) in Hero’s Destiny Game.

There is a Gogita class to discuss at the start.

For the first move, you will need to press “E”. It teleports to whatever your mouse cursor is pointing at. It’s an overpowered move since no one could even probably run away from this move.

Now the second move “R” is like an alien’s final attack, but this is much stronger and lasts longer. 

Its flying is insane, and it is super fast.

The “C” move is a one-hit move; whatever you are pointing at will die.

The “F” move AKA the final attack, is like esper’s final move but much bigger range. And the cooldown for all these moves is super short, making it pretty OP.

And now for awakening, it makes you go to super Saiyan.

The next awakening is none other than super Saiyan blue. 

And the final awakening of course is UI’s “ultra instincts”. As you can probably notice every single attack missed on it.

Let’s kill some random bosses since Saitama hasn’t spawned yet. 

Saitama is finally here. H-holly 9.2Qu damage!

Being extremely overpowered isn’t very good at all. But it is fun! 

So that’s about it for the Gogeta class. Now for the Broly class. 

We have the Brol class but only for admins.

The character model looks pretty sick as well. Let’s start with the movement move, it’s also flying but much slower. 

The “E” move is like Gogeta’s R move but it’s green and looks like it has a bigger range. 

The ‘R’ move is kinda insane. It has a shield and shoots blasts everywhere. The “C” move is a giant blast from the player. “F” move is a tiny little ball blast, then explodes into a massive blast. 

Also a quick little note, these classes won’t be released. For the awakening, you grow bigger and get a cool green aura around you. 

Anyways that’s all for the Broly class showcase. 

Move on to Beerus class. It also comes with this interesting-looking character model. 

The first move is a purple shield, much like phoenixes. 

The second move is like Broly; it shoots small blasts everywhere. 

And then for the “C” move, it grabs whatever you are pointing at and kills it. 

The final move is just like Broly; it’s a small blast but then a massive explosion. And the flying is also very fast. That’s about it for these secret classes.

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