Secret Messages in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with nine secret/hidden messages in Minecraft. You will come to know what these messages mean. 

Table of Contents

    Standard Galactic Alphabet

    When enchanting tables are placed near bookshelves, symbols appear. They are actual letters from the “standard galactic alphabet.”

    Symbols Translate

    The symbols translate directly to the letters of the English alphabet. 

    Using Messages

    Messages using these symbols are shown while enchanting.

    However, these messages seem to be random words.

    Zombie Pigman

    A hidden message is written on the texture file for the zombie pigman. 


    The message “THX XAPHOBIA” is a thank you form Notch to the user who created the texture. When you start up Minecraft, there’s a 1 in 10,000 chance of the title being Minecraft. 

    Disc 11 is the music disc with some creepy sounds that no one knows what is. However, something even creepier about it when run through a spectrogram. The sound waves produce a face and the numbers 124118. One theory is that the numbers are C418’s autograph, the maker of the soundtracks. C is the hexadecimal of 12418 is C418. The face is thought to be either a player face or herobrine.

    Pigman Texture

    As with the pigman texture, there’s a hidden message on the texture for the guardian. It’s simply Jeb’s signature; he must be proud of his work.

    Elder Guardian

    It is also the case when you look at the texture of the elder guardian.

    Love and Hugs Update

    The love and hugs update, the April fools of 2015, contained a cool secret message.

    QR-Codes would slowly appear in certain areas of your world once it started to snow. The code translated to ‘1.9 the combat update’, which meant a teaser for the next update.

    Searge’s Hidden Signature

    The armor stands texture file with the serge’s hidden signature at the bottom. Your Minecraft folder contains a text file called splashes, which contains all the possible splashes for the main menu. This title contains a secret splash message that will never be displayed. “This message will never appear on the splash screen, isn’t that weird?

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