Secret Mobs in Minecraft

Minecraft dungeons is another game from Mojang. In this guide, you will find out five secret mobs coming for you. 


Its announced trailer was the first time people saw pillagers. The pillager was later added to Minecraft as well. You can use the trailers to make predictions about Minecraft. Mobs in dungeons will add to Minecraft as well.

Iron Golem

You currently have the iron golem; it’s a pretty big and strong mob. However, your next golem might be a little bigger. Meet the Redstone golem. It’ll likely have a lot of health and attack by smashing the ground.

Elite Skeletons

A smaller mob is likely coming as well; it was featured at the very end of the trailer. It seems like a little flying evil, and it also has a magical staff. Perhaps it’ll be a boss with magical powers. The last thing it does is teleport away.

Let’s call them elite skeletons.

Desert Biomes

They seem to be desert-themed; perhaps they only spawn in desert biomes. They also carry a shield and what looks like a spear. They’ll likely be a tough melee mob. It might have a longer range than other melee mobs.

Green Mob

There is another mob in the trailer you might have missed. It’s the green mob sitting on the throne. It seems like the mob is commanding the army; it’s a necromancer. The mob summons elite skeletons with its magical green staff. It will likely be another boss-type mob, with some allies.

The other mob is also important looking; it looks like it’s gaining powers from the necromancer. It could also be charging the necromancer’s staff. 

Notch is the original creator of Minecraft. In 2010, he revealed he would add new mobs. The reveal was during the 8th secret Friday update. He revealed that he would add dragons to the game. 

One being the ender dragon. 

The other is the red dragon. She’s what the red dragon might look like.

At this point, a few new developers had joined the team. Jeb and dinnerbone are still working on the game. 

Three years later, the red dragon idea was shelved. The community was understandably confused. 

Dinnderbone argued that the dragon was never promised. However, he still thinks the dragon will come one day. 

The fans have been waiting for a red dragon since. 

A campfire is lit in many ways; you can do it manually with flint and steel. Or with a dispenser using flint and steel.

You can also do it with fire charges. 

Shooting it with a flaming arrow. Normally, fire is extinguished in the rain. But much like netherrack.

Campfires are rain-resistant; the rain will never extinguish the fire. Campfire particles last a long time, ten seconds to be exact. The smoke particles are quite big as well.

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