Secret Outfits With Hidden Features In GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will find out ten SECRET Outfits with HIDDEN features you didn’t know about in GTA 5 Online!

All these outfits can be acquired at either a clothing store but one of them has to be acquired at ammunition.

Let’s start with the pilot suit. To get this, you have to go to outfits and then go down to flight suits. You will find 19 of them that you can choose from.

They are of various colors essentially you just want one of these suits that comes with the helmet. It will give you a real-time display of altitude and airspeed in the first person if you’re in a jet or a helicopter. So if you do fly a lot in the first person, it will be a very helpful little gadget to have. You’ll know how fast you’re going and how close or far away from the ground you’re going.

The second suit is very useful, it’s the scuba suit. To get the scuba suit, you just need to go to the outfits and then you go down to scuba suits. You can choose between 22 of them.

The only downside to some of this stuff is they can get a little bit pricey. But if you can get around that much amount then you need the scuba suit because it will allow you to have an unlimited amount of air underwater and it also gives you a flashlight when you’re underwater. While you’re submerged, it will allow you to swim faster and when you’re on top of the water, you still swim the same speed as if you were wearing anything else that’s why they call it a diving suit and not necessarily a swimming suit.

It is also very helpful for the brand new smuggler plane event because as you know those planes crash into bodies of water and you have to go underwater to find the treasure or the briefcase where the money is located. So it is the one that you’re going to want to add to your arsenal of outfits.

Next is the biker suit, these suits are also found in the category of biker suits. You can see there are about eight or nine of them. If you wear a biker suit while on a fatal bike crash, it will only take five percent of the user’s health and you have a 90 survival rate on fatal bike crashes with the outfit on. So essentially if you’re going to be on a motorcycle you’re going to want to put on this biker suit, it’s pretty much going to save your life 90 percent of the time and it’s only gonna take five percent of your health.

There are a few other outfits as well that have similar perks. For example, if you wear the deadline outfit in a fatal bike crash. it will only take five percent of the user’s health. The same with the stunt suit, if you wear the stunt suit, it’ll give you the same passive bonus of only taking five percent of health from a fatal car crash or bike crash.

So there are three suits, in particular, the deadline suit, the stunt suit, and the biker suit pretty much they’re going to save your life if you’re on a motorcycle.

Any face mask that you have on your character if you end up switching to an outfit with a mask or a different mask, it’s going to decrease one wanted star level when you are wanted.

Also if you go in first person and you have a set of glasses that have a tint to them, you will notice that you end up getting a filter in the game. For example, if you have a pair of red glasses and you go in first person, for the first five or ten seconds you’ll notice that the color of your screen has a red tint or a hue. Then it will eventually fade back to normal again depending on whatever sort of tint or color you end up choosing.

The next is the heavy outfit, which you have to get at the ammunition store. If you wear this during a heist, you’ll get a health boost but you’ll actually be slowed down. Now there are a couple of glitches and workarounds like if you apply a scarf or whatnot you’ll be able to walk at a normal speed or jog at a normal speed but regardless at the end of the day even if you don’t do any of those you will get a health boost for using this during any of the heist missions.

Last is four different types of helmets that are going to protect two to three headshots. The first is the original bulletproof helmet, all of these can be found at the clothing store. All you have to do is go over to hats, then go down to bulletproof helmets and that’s where you’ll find them. The original bulletproof helmet which again is not too expensive only twenty thousand dollars it’s gonna save you between two to three headshots.

Then after that, if you go to combat helmets, you’re going to find three different types of helmets that will provide two to three headshots worth of protection. The combat helmet with no mount, the quad helmet with thermal vision, and the dual helmet with night vision.

All of those will protect the character for two to three headshots.

Also, there’s a category of glasses that are bulletproof too so if you can’t afford one of the helmets or you don’t like wearing one of those helmets if you go into the sports glasses category you’ll find tactical goggles these are only 25,000 roughly these will provide one headshot protection.

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