Secret Underwater Passage Build – Welcome to Bloxburg (Roblox)

This guide will provide you with the secret underwater passage build in Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg.

You will need to go in the build mode and do the secret passage in the pool.

The passage will be here. First, you have to build a basement next to the pool.

To do this, go to the basement layer and click here to remove the roofs. 

Now you should be able to place the basement. After that, open a window and paint the window with the same color used on the wall.

Now let’s add the privacy blinds.  

You need to paint it the same color as the wall. You can add a room next to the basement.

Place a floor to hide the room (color: cameo, texture: grass).

And then add the walls and lights.

Here is the final result! 

You can also add a door here to hide the water. 

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