Settings for Mortal Kombat 11, Increase FPS

In this guide, you will find out how to BOOST FPS and Increase Performance in MORTAL KOMBAT 11. To achieve the best performance and a good FPS, you have to make changes in the Windows power plan, and Windows settings. At last, make changes in the in-game graphics settings.

Table of Contents

    Power Plan Settings

    This is a great and easy way to enhance the performance of your system, as they are highly customizable and effective for disabling some sleep and low-power modes.

    1.1- You need to write “edit power plan” in the search column and press enter. Now inside this menu, go to the power option which you will find on top, click on show additional plans and scroll down to select the high-performance power plan.

    1.2- After this, go to the bottom left-handed side of your screen to the search bar and run the Command prompt as an administrator. You have to paste this command “powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61”, then press enter and exit.

    Now again go to the power play menu and press the refresh button on the top right corner. Then you will find the ultimate performance power plan, you need to select this option.

    Windows Settings

    2.1- Now you have to go to gaming settings, then navigate to game mode and make sure that it is turned OFF.

    2.2- After this, open the task manager by right-clicking on the desktop, and then selecting Task manager. Go to the startup tabs and disable all the apps. Right-click on the app and then select Disable.

    2.3- Now you have to increase your virtual memory, click on the Windows button, and then you have to write “virtual advanced system settings”. You need to open it by pressing the enter button. A small new window will open up and you need to click on the Advance tab from the top and then tap on the Settings button. It will open the performance options, you need to click on the advance tab again and then click on the Change button. After that, tap on the custom size, and in the initial size column, you have to write your total RAM available in MBs. In the maximum size, input your total RAM available in MBs.

    2.3- After this, open Steam and select the game from the library. Then right-click on the game and go to properties. Under launch options, you have to input “-high-USEALLAVAILABLECORES”.

    2.4- After that, right-click on the desktop and open the NVidia control panel. On the top left side, you have to click on the “Adjust image settings with preview”, use the advanced 3D image settings that have been selected and then click on Apply.

    2.5- Now head to Manage 3D settings, scroll all the way down to Power management mod, and set it to maximum performance. It will raise your idle clock slightly and also can help to solve the stuttering issues inside of the game. You have to set the Open Render GPU should to your GPU and set the preferred refresh rate to the highest. After that, scroll down to anisotropic optimization and enable this. You need to allow Negative lod Bois and set the texture filtering quality to high performance. Try linear optimization to threaded optimization and then click on Apply.

    In-Game Settings

    First, you have to boot up your game, then click on the Options button and go to the Graphics tab. Set Video mode to Full screen and set the Screen resolution to your monitor’s native resolution. Make sure that V-sync is turned OFF and Texture Quality is set to low. AA mode, Aniso Filtering, Bloom, motion blur, lighting, and Ambient Occlusion all should be turned OFF. Particle density should be set to very low. Particle mode should be set to CPU. Shadow quality should be set to low. SS reflection should be turned OFF. After setting all this, you have to save the settings.

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