Shades & Sunglasses: Sims 4 CC (List)

In this article, you’ll find some of the best sunglasses and shades that you can easily apply to your Sims 4 game.


Future-themed Sunglasses CC - TS4

Kitty Myst

Kitty Myst girly fashion sunglasses for Sims4

Here are some cool-looking glasses for your sim to try.


Jet dark sharp sunglasses in Sims4

If you are looking for some new-looking glasses for your sim, then Jet might be for you.


Sonic Leopard Print side sunglasses CC

Are you looking for a fashionable way to protect your eyes on sunny days? Check out our assortment of Sonic sunglasses! These stylish pieces will help you stay safe from the sun and look great.


Colorful themed sunglasses Sims4 CC

Are you looking for colorful sunglasses that won’t remove your vision? Then Plastic Wayfarer Shaped Sunglasses might be for you.


Piene Sunglasses rounded desgin

The Piene sunglasses are perfect for any fashion-savvy Sims 4 player. They come in various colors and styles, creating a fantastic scene on your sim’s face. Whether you’re looking for sunglasses to complete your outfit or want to add a little extra fun, the Piene sunglasses are perfect for you!


Edge blocky styled sunglasses CC

The new Edge theme for Sims 4 is professional yet fun and youthful. With its sleek design and versatile colors, Edge is the perfect tool for creating beautiful makeup looks for any occasion.


Roybon custom styles for Sims4 Sunglasses

Roybon sunglasses are perfect for Sims 4 players who want to add a little bit of edge to their look. Whether dressing up for work or taking a break from campus life, Roybon sunglasses will help you step up your style game.


Thomas Sunglasses - dark design CC

Are you looking for stylish sunglasses to help you stand out from the crowd? Check out, Thomas! 


Apocalypse Sunglasses, futuristic styled in Sims4

Introducing Apocalypse, the ultimate mesh makeup collection for Sims 4. Whether you’re aiming to create a dramatic look or want to add a touch of glamour, our Apocalypse mesh makeup collection has everything you need.


Zer0 Sunglasses, cool look in Sims4

If you are looking for some cool glasses to wear that come in so many shades, then Zer0 is for you.


Gaby style rounded lenses sunglasses CC

Introducing Gaby, the perfect accessory for any Sims 4 gamer. These stylish round frame acetate sunglasses are made to match the tone and style of any outfit. Whether you’re dressing up as a spy or just looking for a new way to show off your style, these sunglasses will have you looking sharp.

Irregular Lens

Irregular Lens glasses design CC

Introducing Irregular Lens Sunglasses! This stylish set of sunglasses is perfect for Sims 4 players who want to add a touch of professionalism to their gaming wardrobe. Whether playing in the office or out in town, these sunglasses will help you look your best.

Toksik Sirheo

Toksik Sirheo - TS4 hip girl sunglasses CC

Introducing Toksik Sirheo, the perfect solution for Sims who need strong sunglasses that can handle any situation.


Kimmie style guys and girls sunglasses

Kimmie is a new line of stylish and affordable glasses for both male and female sims.

Deal With It

Deal With It Meme sunglasses Sims4

Looking for eyeglasses perfect for your Sims 4 game? Then Deal With It is for you. This stylish set of eyeglasses is perfect for anyone for any scene or outfit.


Sixam full-face covering futuristic sunglasses

Introducing Sixam, the new and improved glasses design for female and male Sims 4 players. These stylish frames come with a sleek and modern mesh design, making them perfect for any style.


Blvck black circular sunglasses CC

Are you looking for a stylish and versatile pair of glasses? Blvck has you covered! Featuring various colours and styles to fit any Sim, these glasses are perfect for all ages.

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