Shank 2 – Save Game

Shank 2 is the brawler where you play as a mob hit man with a shotgun who wants revenge. This hack-and-slash game offers players hours of violence and gore for a buck. You’ll have the chance to fight through hordes of enemies in challenging environments.

Where is the save game folder in Shank 2?

You can find the “Shank 2” save file in your user directory. You have to open Windows Explorer and go to  Documents. You will find the “My Games” folder inside it, open it up and then click on “Shank 2” to access the save file. 

C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents\My Games\Shank 2

How Do I Install the Save File?

First, you will need to download the save game file and extract it with the help of WinZip. After that, you have to copy the save file to a save games location and make sure to have a backup of your save. 

Important: Always back up the save file before replacing it with the new one.

Download Save File:

The game is completed for 100% and all medals and skins/costumes are unlocked. The difficulty levels are Normal and Hard.

Download Link: 

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