Sharpshooter Challenge Guide – Disarm 3 enemies without reloading

Sharpshooter 8: Disarm 3 Enemies Without Reloading Or Switching Your Weapon.

The prerequisite of this challenge is to complete “The Sheep And The Goats” (Chapter 2). The rewards are 100 DeadEye XP and $15.  

This guide will let you know how to complete this challenge in Red Dead Redemption 2. 

There are a couple of things not mentioned by this challenge that you should keep in mind.

For example, after disarming the first enemy, you cannot mount or dismount your horse; otherwise, you will reset the challenge.

You can’t also use the Dead Eye after disarming the first enemy because, according to the game’s mechanics, you’re either switching or reloading your weapon.

With that in mind, there is an easy method to complete the challenge, thanks to Flamevectros11.

You will need to wear Bandana and equip your weapon of choice for the challenge by selecting Express Ammo.

Technically you can use any weapon, but the higher the number of rounds that the weapon can hold, the better are the chances to complete this challenge.

When you’re ready, reach this area in Valentine and look for the NPC with the weapon.

You have to aim your weapon at him, wait for him to remove his pistol from the holster, then shoot at his right forearm, hand, or directly at the pistol.

After disarming him, you have to start running up the hill away from the wanted area that will soon appear.

Remember not to reload, olster, or switch your weapon. You can’t use the DeadEye or your horse; otherwise, the challenge will reset.

After that, wait for the wanted level to reset, and then go back to the same area, trying to avoid Lawmen.

You will need to find the NPC with the weapon and disarm him. Then run away up the hill.

Repeat this a third time, and if done correctly, you will complete the challenge.

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