Shelly Advanced Tips & Tricks – Brawl Stars

In this guide, you will come to know the details, tips, and tricks about Shelly in Brawl Stars. You can follow all these tips and tricks to make progress with Shelly in the game. 

Shelly is a mid-range brawler, and she has the abilities of almost all the other brawlers. In a long-range battle, you can use her second gadget, “Clay Pigeon,” for a good effect; it will work for five seconds, and your close-range damage will convert into long-range damage. If you are playing in close-range, then as you know, no brawler will fight will Shelly because Shelly’s super will charge in three shots, and it is the deadliest in the game.  

So you can easily use Shelly in long-range as well as short-range. The super of Shelly depends on its star power; the super will slow down the enemy in the first-star power. In the second star power, the health of shelly will increase and recover two thousand health after ten to fifteen seconds. But for most of the game mode of 3vs3, the first-star power is mostly used, making Shelly super deadly.

When you use Shelly’s super, it quickly charges within two hits, and then you can kill the enemy.  

There are three counter brawlers for Shelly: Gayle, Bee, and Amber; there are three different brawlers who can counter Shelly because they are long-range brawlers. 

You can push Shelly in Solo Showdown, and the next one is Brawlball; these are the two best maps to push Shelly, and this is the best map for you to win while playing with Shelly. 

If you are pushing the rank 25 or 30 for Shelly, you can play in Solo Showdown if you don’t have the team. You have to make sure that you have your supercharge, and you need to have the second-star power and the second gadget. It will help you a lot while you are rank pushing.  

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