Shinobi Shadow Legend Heroes Codes 2023 (Updated)

Shinobi Shadow Legend Heroes is a fast-paced mobile RPG that has the player traveling through various maps and fighting enemies to fight the boss. This game features a variety of challenges, including, exploring new maps and finding rare items. You can upgrade your characters by obtaining new skills and items.

Shinobi Shadow Legend Heroes Codes

happyNovemUse it to get free rewards.
DIGIMON777Use it to get free rewards.
DIGIMON888Use it to get free rewards.

How to Redeem Code in Shinobi Shadow Legend Heroes?

To redeem the codes, follow the instructions below:

To earn the free rewards, you will need to open the Shinobi Shadow Legend Heroes game on your device, tap on the benefits button and press the redeem code button. Input the provided gift code in the “please enter code here” section and click on the Exchange button to get your free rewards.

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