Shonen Smash Codes 2022

Shonen Smash is a fighter game on the Roblox platform featuring many playable anime characters. Pick them up to beat other players and earn precious rewards. You have to be very swift on the field to avoid enemies’ attacks. 

Active Codes

1000LikesWHAT?!Use it to get $12,000 Cash
100KVisits!Use it to get $6,000 Cash
1MVisits!Use it to get $4,000 Cash
200KVisits!Use it to get $3,000 Cash
5000Lik3sSHEESH!Use it to get $3,000 Cash
InfernasuYT!Use it to get $5,000 Cash
ReleaseTheGame!Use it to get $12,000 Cash
Update2!Use it to get $4,000 Cash

How do I redeem codes in Shonen Smash?

In the lobby, you will find a menu. After clicking it, use the code provided to redeem your reward.

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