Shrine Defense Event Guide – Hunt Royale

This guide will provide you with all the details of the Shrine Defense Event in Hunt Royale. 

Crow and Renderman are good wood collectors as always; having a Dmg Reflection ability can help you out with the archers. And having Movement Speed is a bonus too.   

Let’s start the 1st phase! As always, the best place to go first is on the right side of the map; there’s a higher tree concentration and only two enemies. You will only need 45 logs, so chill and take your time.   

This one is the most important turret; you should put it between the tents every time; this turret blocks the tent’s passage. 

This one is important too; if you couldn’t collect 45 logs, you can put a strong turret here instead of the normal one. But if you got all 45 logs, it is better to have three normal turrets. 

It is the best possible layout at the moment.

Do you want to reach 100% HP guaranteed? Don’t think twice; pick sniper and deal with every enemy before getting close to the Shrine.

You only have to focus on damage and attack Speed perks; there’s no strategy easier than this one.

You have to sit on this spot and let him wipe all the enemies from your screen.

You have to store a lot of Event Tickets throughout the week and use them on this event; since this is the easiest one, that’s a free Mega Box farm for you! 

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