Skull Maze Tricks with Map – The Mimic Chapter 3

This guide will provide you with the Mimic Chapter 3 Skull Maze tricks in the Nightmare mode.

The trick here is to hide behind the vines on the walls. First, you will need to go for the red skull, follow the map, and hide on the vine located here.

Never move when you’re sticking into the wall with vines, especially when you can still hear her. Once you hear her pass, you will need to go for the next vine next to the red skull.

Make sure you don’t hear her while picking up the skulls.

After that, you have to go back to the main hall. When you arrive at the dark hall in the centre, make sure you can’t hear anything before going to the white skull. 

Again, don’t move unless you hear her already, and pick up the white skull when it is silent. Wait for her to pass, and as soon as you don’t see her, quickly sprint to the next vine in the map. Then wait for her to move away, and make sure she doesn’t come back in a couple of seconds.

After that, you have to proceed to the next vine very close by for the black skull.

Wait for her to pass by, and pass again to the left before you proceed to the black skull. Now you will need to go back to the last vine. 

After she passes by, you have to quickly sprint to the vine here and make sure you are not wielding your lamp.

When you hear her pass, go for the green skull.

And straight to the vine here, unwield your lamp. Wait for her to pass, and then return to the room with hands.

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