Codes 2022 is a multiplayer action game being released worldwide in 2016. You will play as a snake and try to grow him as long as you can. You have to protect the head of the snake to collide with the head of another player. Otherwise your snake will explode and the game will be all over for you. Let the head of other snakes collide with you, so that they will be dead and you can eat up their remains. You can try to explode the longer snakes to show your dominance and to win the game. Download the game for free and really mesmerize yourself. 

Active Codes

Skin Code

0056-6697-1963Redeem it to get (or unlock) Hard Hat, Dragon Wings, Crown Skin
0150-6765-3242Redeem it to get (or unlock) Monocle, Heart-Shaped Glasses, Groucho Glasses
0295-1038-1704Redeem it to get (or unlock) Brown Hair, Blue Glasses, Star-Shaped Glasses
0465-2156-5071Redeem it to get (or unlock) Reindeer Antlers, Black Hair, Hypnotic Glasses
0351-6343-0591Redeem it to get (or unlock) 3D Glasses, Unicorn Horn, Blonde Hair
0368-9044-0388Redeem it to get (or unlock) Deerstalker Hat, Bat Wings
0139-6516-0269Redeem it to get (or unlock) Visor, Bunny Ears, Fox Ears
0334-1842-7574Redeem it to get (or unlock) Baseball Cap, Headphones
0068-5256-3709Redeem it to get (or unlock) Angel Wings, Bear Ears, Graduation Cap
0309-9703-3794Redeem it to get (or unlock) Spiked Headband, Red Hair, Green Tie
0577-9466-2919Redeem it to get (or unlock) Red Cape, Cat Eye Glasses

Expired Codes

0001-0002-0003Redeem it to get (or unlock) one Crown Skin
9999-9999-9999Redeem it to get (or unlock) one Crown Skin

How To Redeem the Codes?

In order to redeem the codes, you’ll have to follow the following steps:

  1. Look for the “Enter Code” button on the game screen and tap that.
  2. A new screen will pop up.
  3. Enter your code to get the desired reward. 

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