Jeep DLC Details – Snowrunner

Jeep DLC adds two new Licensed jeep vehicles into the game. When upgraded, they look like any other scout in the game. This guide will provide you with all the details about the new Jeep DLC. 

Firstly, we’ll test CJ7 Renegade. 

The color options are amazing and the interior looks better. It’s now the smallest vehicle in the game beating DON 71

Also, its 31″ tires are the smallest in the whole game; the wheel size is very small compared to other scouts. The previous title holder, Khan, has 33″ tires.

Performance Tests.

Road Race

All-terrain tires for better road handling. Both Have offroad gearboxes installed, and both appear to be going at the same speed. They both are in Auto, but the loaf has an awd+diff lock; even with bigger 33″ tires, the load is struggling. 

Swamp Test

Both are in low gear with AWD and diff on. At least, the jeep is moving, even if it’s very slow. 5x Faster.

Swamp Test

You can use Don instead of a loaf. Both are in low gear with AWD and fiff on Don’s 35″ tires is much bigger than the jeep’s 31″. The bigger tires will increase the ground clearance. 

Water Currents.

Both are in low gear with AWD and diff on 5x faster. 

The Jeep CJ7 could’ve done better with bigger tires.

Now, it is time to test Jeep Wrangler

There are many Color Options for this jeep, and the interior looks amazing. Wrangler is also smaller than most other scouts.

But it’s not the smallest scout in the game like CJ7. 

Wrangler 36″ tires compared to chevy 38″. Khan marshall can put its tires to shame. All-terrain tires for better road handling. 

Even with offroad gearboxes, they are quite fast.

Shallow Mud.

Both are in auto with just AWD enabled. You can notice the difference in suspension for both.

Swamp Test

They both are in low gear with AWD & Diff on Don’s Tires are an inch smaller than the jeep. DON’s suspension allows more ground clearance.


It’s a good DLC for jeep fans but adds nothing new to game or scout class.

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