Snowrunner Top 10 Most Powerful Engines

In Snowrunner, Engine power is defined by torque parameter. We have derived torque & weight values from the game files. In this guide, we’ll show you 10 most powerful engines & the trucks that have them. Go down the list and find which are the most powerful engines in the Snowrunner game.


In Game Torque: 160000 Ncm

In Game mass: 6000 kg


LAZ 6 TA240:

There are four powering trucks with Torque: 1850Nm / 1364 Lb-Ft. Other Engines for these trucks are not in this list.

KRS 58 “Bandit”:

At 7 Tons, It is the heaviest in 4 trucks but P2W is lowest. But tires and 8×8 makes it more capable than others.

ZiK2 5368 and Step 310E:

ZiK2 5368 is the second heaviest so better P2W than bandit. Step 310E is a bit lighter engine from ZiK2 5368.

TUZ 16 “Actaeon”:

It weighs just 3.4Tons. P2W is just off the chart but the light weight affects grip. So the power is useless


Gb-8V 2700T:

There are four powering trucks and other engines for these trucks are not in this list. The torque is 1920Nm 1416 Lb-Ft

Derry Longhorn 4520 and Freightliner M916A1:

The weight of Derry Longhorn 4520 is 25 Ton and it has the worst P2W in the whole game. Freightliner M916A1 is less than half the weight of Derry that is 11 Tons

Royal BM17 and CAT CT680:

The weight of Royal BM17 is 9.5Tons, It’s even lighter than the Freightliner. The weight of CAT CT680 is 7.2Tons and It id the best P2W among these 4 trucks


Exclusive Engine IMZ-12 1000T:

The torque of Exclusive Engine IMZ-12 1000T is 2000Nm | 1475 Lb-Ft.

TUZ 420 “Tatarin”:

Some Engines are just exclusive to one vehicle. The weight of TUZ 420 “Tatarin” is 14Tons, it’s heavier than some of the heavy classes.


IMZ-8 330-T:

There are powering three trucks at number 7. The power is tied with tatarin’s engine and the torque is 2000Nm | 1475 Lb-Ft

Tayga 6436, Voron D-53233 and Veron AE-4380:

The weight of Tayga 6436 is 11.1 Tons, it’s heavier than the other two trucks. Voron D-53233 weighs 11 Tons and it is almost as heavy as Tayga. Veron AE-4380 is significantly lighter than other 2 at 8.6Tons.


Exclusive Engine AZ-12 1400DTA

The torque of rank 6 trucks is 2100 Nm 1549 Lb-F.

Navistar 5000 MV:

Navistar 5000 MV’s Engine Torque is also tied with no .05 & no. 04. This 14 Tons truck shows that P2W is not everything.


Azov AM-8 16,1 Powering Four Trucks

It’s torque is 2100 Nm. No.6, 4 and this No. 5 has the same torque as 1549 Lb-Ft.

Azov 64131 and Azov 5319:

The weight of Azov 64131 is 16.1 Tons, It should be in the heavy class. The weight of Azov 5319 14.4 Tons, it is the lightest azov in the game.

Voron Grad and TUZ 108 “Warthog” :


The weight of Voron Grad 11 Tons, It’s P2W is better than 8×8 Azovs. The weight of TUZ 108 “Warthog” is just 4 Tons, P2W is close to Tuz 16.


Westline V12 M900:

Powering Four Trucks

There are four powering trucks with torque: 2100Nm. No.6, 5 and this No. 4 has the same torque 1549 Lb-Ft.

Pacific P16 and Pacific P12:

The weight of Pacific P16 is 25 Tons and P2W is on the lower side in the game. The weight of Pacific P12 is 25 Tons, It’s 15kg lighter than it’s siblings.


Darry Longhorn 3194

The weight of Darry Longhorn 3194 is 20 Tons and It’s P2W is also on the lower side. ANK MK38 weighs just 10 tons and P2W is very good.


Exclusive Engine:


The torque of Si-8V/2850 is 2200Nm | 1623 Lb-Ft.

Western Star 49X:

Western Star 49X weighs just over 8 Tons. Don’t know why it’s in the heavy class.


Westline V16 M2450 Powering Three Trucks:

There are three powering trucks on number 2 with torque 2500 Nm. Other versions of this engine are not in the list.

CAT 770G, CAT 745C and Western Star 6900 TwinSteer:

The weight of CAT 770G is 25.2 Tons, It is the heaviest in 3 trucks (lowest P2W). CAT 745C weighs 25.2 Tons, It’s almost as heavy as a Dump Truck. Western Star 6900 TwinSteer weighs 13.5 Tons and gives you the best P2W with this engine.


KZGT-8 530T:

Most Powerful Engine

These are the most powerful engines having 2600 Nm Torque. Other versions of this engine are not in the list. 1918 Lb-Ft.

Kolob 74760 and AZOV 42-20 Anarctic:

The weight of Kolob 74760 is 28.2 Tons, this is the heaviest truck in the game. The weight of AZOV 42-20 Anarctic is 26 Tons, It is the heaviest truckin Azove line.

Kolob 74941, Azov 73210 and Dan 96360:

Kolob 74941 weighs 26.5 Tons, this is a little lighter than other kolob. The weight of Azov 73210 is 18 Tons, It’s P2W is decent for a 10X10. Dan 96360 weighs 15.4 Tons and P2W is the best in these 5 trucks.

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