Snowrunner Top 10 Most Unstable Trucks

There are many trucks in the Snowrunner game. Most of them are highly stable and well balanced, while there are also some unstable trucks in the game. This guide will let you know which are the unstable trucks in Snowrunner.

10) International Fleetstar F2070

The International Fleetstar F2070 is a really off-balance truck. There is something wrong in its balance, it easily gets off-balance. It has a very narrow body and tires and the issue becomes more visible with the crane addon. But it can be good as a starter truck.

9) ANK MK38

ANK has got extra raised suspension and it is pretty famous for flipping. Tayga tyres improve stability but other tyres are unusable. Tayga tyres and active suspension is a good solution to make it stable.

8)Azov 42-20 Antarctic

Azov 42-20 Antarctic is a tall and narrow truck in size with a very weak steering wheel. This is the reason why this truck is unstable. It refuses to turn sometimes, so the players need to avoid the shortcuts with this one.

7)Chevrolet kodiak C70

Chevrolet Kodiak C70 is a narrow and tall truck. It’s suspensions are bouncy that adds to more body rolls. It is still a fun truck to have, even worse with heavy addons.

6) Voron D53233

The weight distribution of Voron D53233 is really off and it feels a bit too top heavy. There’s also bouncy suspensions and it becomes much worse with heavy addons. This truck is unstoppable until it flips.

5) international scout 800

The international scout 800 has got big tyres but narrow axles. It is very unstable with a roof rack. It is thirsty for scouts, so a roof rack is a must. Just stay close to the trees, etc.

4) Tuz 108 warthog

Tuz 108 warthog is tall and narrow in design. The wide tyres do help with stability but even then it’s still unstable. It is better not to push your luck but sometimes you can be lucky. Skinny tyres are a big Noo !

3) Royal BM-17

The Royal BM-17 is also a tall and narrow truck. It is unstable by design and it will flip at the first chance. Body roll is beyond the limits, this truck seriously needs fat tyres.

2) Western star Twin Steer

The Western Star Twin Steer truck is tall, long and unstable. It has way too much body roll and usually flips a lot while maneuvering. It has a way too long and rigid frame. It should have more addons.

Special Mention

KRS 58 Bandit

The balance of KRS 58 Bandit is a little off and there is something wrong with its suspensions. It just can’t take bumps well. KRS 58 Bandit is more noticeable when it is fully loaded, still not as bad to make the list.

1) Flip Champion ZiKZ 5368

Flip Champion ZiKZ 5368 is a Tall, Narrow and Bouncy kind of truck. Its balance is like a Reliant Robin, it is perfect for two wheel stunts. But Flip Champion ZiKZ 5368 is impossible to drive with the fuel tank. This truck desperately needs wide tyres.

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