Top 13 Scouts – Snowrunner

This guide will provide you with the details of the top 13 Scout Mods in the Snowrunner game.

Mod Selection Criteria:

Mod selection will be based on my personal opinion. Mods should be available in the mod browser of the existing game version. Mods should be in working condition in existing game versions. Details of both interior, exterior, addons, tires, etc matter. Mods with some sort of unique feature would be welcome. If two or more mods look or behave similarly, I’ll only choose one.

Ford Bronco 83:

Ford bronco 83 has got very good off-road capabilities and a crazy long winch range. The long winch is very useful as it can help to cross the lakes and reach unreachable places. Ford bronco 83 can be used as a truck and scout trailer. its color looks weird, light for video etc is needed.

Ford XLT Ranger:

Ford XLT Ranger is a little OP but a fun mod. The engine sound is too loud with a crazy winch range. It can tow both truck and scout trailers. The number of winch points matters in vehicle recovery. Ford XLT Ranger has removable body panels. It has got gauges but no mirror.

Generic 1500:

Generic 1500 is slow but unstoppable. It’s a submarine and w/t a snorkel, snorkel limits this mod. Mirror, Gauges, it’s all fine but it lacks customization. No winch point on the sides.

89 Chevy Blazer:

The 89 Chevy Blazer has a weird ride height but it helps in offroading. 89 Chevy Blazer has 3 custom skins and custom blue gauges that look nice.

3170 Terra:

3170 Terra has good off-road capabilities and a very Nice & functional interior. 3170 Terra lots of Winch points.

XJ Sport 88:

The performance of the XJ Sport 88 is realistic, it has one of the best model details. But there are also some issues, the rear light affects night visibility, the front winch is buggy, no winch point on the sides, and the gauges don’t glow at night.

Land Rover Defender 20:

Land Rover Defender 20 has a decent winch range and a very realistic performance. Its interior is very nice and well-lit.

VW Atlas R-line:

VW Atlas R-line has an extra long winch range, armor modification, and 5 custom skins. VW Atlas R-line is not as op as other mods. No issues with interior details.

Volvo C303:

Volvo C303 is a very detailed model. It has 2 custom skins, easy recovery, and easy flips. Volvo C303 gives a realistic performance. Gauges are dim at night.

B – 8053:

B – 8053 is too big for a scout IMO. But it’s literally unstoppable.

C.C.M Kaiser Jeep:

C.C.M Kaiser Jeep is very good but interior work is in progress.

Jeep Wagoneer:

The body texture of the Jeep Wagoneer is a little too shiny for my liking but that’s subjective. The Interior looks unfinished and the stickers should be optional IMO.

iX – 5:

iX – 5 is a little on the OP side but fun. It has crazy wide tire options and a crazy wide range. iX – 5 can tow both truck and scout trailers. Overlap can be ignored and color needs a bit of fixing. No mirror is needed in this mod.

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