Sorcerer Full Guide & Build Explained – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

This guide is about new job and sorcerer classes that will soon be available at the SEA server after the EP5 patch.  

Sorcerer is the PVP-type magician, a rapid magical DPS like ADL, and protects the team with land protector/crowd control skills.

For the main char, magician classes can unlock sorcerers with 500k Zeny. You need to pay 88 BBC to unlock the classes other than a magician. 

Sorcerer’s total unlock bonus was 4+6 =10 bonus permanent dex; it was convenient for wiz/snip. To master/ corner sorcerers, you need to understand their skill! 

Starting from learning their skill tree: 

Max all bolt spell level 10 and Sp recovery 10. 

Sage skill tree

This skill also allows you to cancel casting by walking far enough from the skill range. 

It is not a very useful skill; leave it at level 2 for (spider web) for professor classes. 

You have to put 1 point on deluge and max freezing rune for crowd control in oracle/ MVP. Max it or leave it, the 10% wind dmg boost can use combo with warlock’s frost misty or T4 silk robe set (change target into water attribute). 

The signature skill of Sage can immune most of the popular deadly skills. Upgraded rune allows petrifying the target that gets onto it. 

Although it was very OP, you can be counter it by: 

  1. Enemy’s LP overlay. 
  2. Alchemist’s crazy weed, 
  3. RG’s earth drive 

Land protect immune to a meteor storm, storm cust, poison gas, mantrap, severe rainstorm, epiclesis, etc.

Ignore land protector: dragon breath, overlay land protector, crazy weed, earth drive, etc. 

It is a requirement for land protectors; you have to leave it at level 5. 

Another signature skill casts bolt spells with auto-attack (manageable). 

PVP skill makes target casting spells slower, making them vulnerable. 

Before: instant cast 

After: GGWP 

Also, there was a passive skill for book users; if you are using staff, ignore it (save skill point) 

Professor skill tree: 

PVP skill is useful at catching sin X/Stalker; it won’t be removed if you use a water/wind bolt to kill them. You will need to max it; Sage doesn’t need to ignore def for the boss because of this skill. 

Max it if you lack VCT or SP recovery. 

Transfer your SP to ally (Monk= unlimited asura) or deplete the enemy’s Sp. 

After you transfer SP to ally, you can use HP conversion to gain SP back. 

The dmg and the success rate are sad, so it is not recommended.  

Maxed rune provides a 33% dodge rate for magical dmg, sometimes it can dodge the tetra vortex, but you don’t have to rely on it.  

While PVP, this skill makes the enemy weaker by removing the buff, but rangers do not need buffs. 

It is how double-casting looks like, activated by casting bolt-magic, two belt magic simultaneously. 

(double casting bug), It doesn’t work with auto attack and spell fist, it looks like double casting, but it is not. 

Activated auto spell 

The second attack activated auto-spell again, not double casting. 


You will need to leave it at level 3 for spell first. 

Sorcerer’s skill tree:

Level 6 is unnecessary, as you can hit five times in 10 seconds. (save skill point). 

Level 6 is unnecessary, as you can hit five times in 10 seconds (save skill point). 

Fire Agni: inflict burn to the enemy if attacked. 

Wind ventus: flee +100, move speed +10% (useful for EP5 MVP).

Water aqua: inflict slow to the enemy if attacked. 

Earth tera: maxHP + 10%, P.def+50% (for tanker sage) 

Psychic wave change element dmg depends on which spirit you are carrying. 

Sorcerer’s strongest AOE spell, combined with Deluge’s freeze + full rune. It can wipe out the enemy with brute force. (Oracle/ET)

Not a popular skill, no comment (buffed later at EP 6). Healing skill while you solo MVP without a priest (why don’t you get a priest ?) 

PVP skill, crowd control with instant success. 5 points striking, and skip spirit sympathy since spirit’s auto attack is weak. 

Wall of Fog helps block the long-range attack (Useful at EP5), and it was better than the Light Shield. 

Black Hole binds multiple enemies at once, but it can’t damage them. It is used to bind annoying tank support. 

Sage Equipment is the same with Wiz; you can just refer to Wizard EQ build.

But Sage can use book weapons, which can unleash the full potential of Bolt Spell.

Here is the Best End game Gear and the Mats you needed to craft it. The mats needed for synthesis (Sage’s Dairyl were all from EP5, so you can’t make any preparation for it. (Expect Pet Ady LOL)

Orb+Dairy Set= Higher Bolt Dmg & ASPD, good for PVP/MVP. Sacrifice+Wiz.Staff=High ignore Mdef, good for grinding/All-purpose

If Sage is your first Magician = Orb+Dairy Set, cheaper and suits you. If you already owned Warlock = Sacrifice+Wiz.Staff, it should be good enough or get Orb+Dairy set for PVP/MVP.

While grinding: +12Wizadry> +12Dairy > +10 Wizardry> +10 Dairy (You need high ignore Mdef to 1-Hit mob for Faster EXP)

While MVP: +12Dairy > +12Wizadry> +10Dairy > +10Wizardy (Dairy provide higher Bolt DPS than Staff, plus Mind Break remove Mdef)

Other Recommended Gear

+15 Orlean Neck, -20 VCT so sage can wear meteorite armor for survivability. 

+10 blue eve with arcane, save up AGI for a lot of bonus ASPD.

+10 Naght sieger manteau, EP6 best garment with arcane ofcoz.

T4 skill robe + tidal shoes combo, change the target to water attribute and attack it with a lightning bolt! 


Final Goal Enchantment  

Magic 1-4/ 35+ matk

Arcana 1-4/ 35+ matk

Arcana 1-4/ 35+ matk

35+ Matk/ Tenacity 3-4

35+ Matk/ Tenacity 3-4 

Magic 1-4/35+ matk

55+ matk

Insight 1-4/55+ matk

55+ matk

Insight 1-4/55+ matk

Arcana 1-4/55+ matk

Rune: get land protector – periphery x2, Deluge – freezing x2, psychic wave-empowering x3, and remaining matk + fire dmg rune. 

While grinding, you have to activate all fireBolt related runes; try using Lv 4-7 firebolt with the card. One hit the mob.

If you use level 4 above firebolt for grinding, you can put spell fist on auto for a faster kill. 

Your goal is using Lv 4 firebolt to 1-hit grinding (instant cast with 1.3-sec delay)

Try farm orc lady with a double hydra card. Or double goblin double Ultraman for marmot. 

DPS Type: 119 Int, 28Dex (as long psychic wave had 8-sec VCT reduction) remaining to Agi

Tank type: 119 Vit, 119 Int, remaining Dex (as long LP had 5-sec VCT reduction). 

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