Spike Tips and Tricks – Brawl Stars

This guide will get to know all the details, tips, and tricks for Spike in Brawl Stars. These tips will help you out while playing the game with Spike.  

Spike is a sharpshooter brawl. His first-star power is called “fertilite”, when you use super on yourself or your teammate, it will give you eight hundred health per second, and it will remain till your enemy gets five hits from Spike, or you can say it will remain for five seconds.    

When you are standing in your super while it is charging, it remains on until you get five hits. When you get five hits, your super will be finished. If you are getting 800 health and stay for five hits, you will get 4000 health.  

The second star power is called “Curveball” which is his best star power. When Spike attacks the enemy, its attack goes in a curve direction, and there are maximum chances of damage to the enemy.

The single damage of Spike is 784, which is very effective, and if all of your six Spike’s hit the enemy, it gives four thousand seven hundred damage to the single enemy in a single attack, which is very good for a fight. And if you do three of the attacks, it will give twelve thousand damage to the enemy.  

The range of Spike’s attack is not as long as a piper, but his roading speed is too slow, and if we talk about super, it gives five hundred sixty damage to the opponent for five seconds. The range of the super is very long. The best game modes to play with Spike are Gem Grab and Brawl Ball, and if you play in a showdown with Spike, it will play better than average because of its long-range. He plays well in siege game mode and bounty and Heist, but the best modes are Gem Grab and Brawlball. 

Here are the few tips for you to push Spike: 

The loading speed of Spike is very slow, so you don’t have to waste its ammo without any reason. Secondly, you have to take advantage of his long-range ability because you can kill them very easily with this long-range.  

The third one is when the enemy is hiding behind the wall; then you have to use the second star power of Spike, which is a curveball. When you are playing in Heist, then you have to use your super on the safe of Heist, which will give a good amount of damage to Heist. When you are playing in brawl ball you have to use your first star power, “fertilize”, and it will be used very consistently in brawl ball.

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