Spirit Tree Guide & Where to find Elite Mob – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

This guide is about the EP7.0 spirit tree in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. You will also learn where to find the elite mob. 

Spirit tree is a new system like Aesir; it has powerful buffs allowing the player to farm effectively at wasteland & permanently bonus stat unlock.  

Wasteland mob only drops spirit tree upgrade mat, card, and Zeny. You will need a spirit tree mat to gain an hourglass for the 4th job skill point. 

How to unlock a spirit tree? 

Req lv100, you have to go to Luoyang south, flower street, and accept the spirit tree quest.  

There are four phases of the spirit tree quest, finish it and get 2k hourglass +1pet. You can finish one phase and continue after you are free.    

You will need to upgrade the spirit tree one by 1, and you can’t directly unlock the final ability. 

The final ability will give you MaxHP +2%,1% deposit, ignore DEF +1.5%, +30ATK, 3% DEF. 

The player strongly recommended maxing the (daily hourglass reward) first, which provides 500-2000 hourglasses per day. 

Method A: Max Daily Hourglass rewards first to get 2000 Hourglasses per day.  

Method B: Max Out Dmg Inc/Skill Cooldown/Move speed first, so you can farm normal mob/Elite/MVP more effectively.  

Method C: Max out EXP increase too, so you can level up to Job 80 faster & easier. 

You can get 1k Bone, 100 Dust, 0-10 Maple Agate with normal farming. You can extra loot if someone is farming Elite Mob beside you.

The fastest way to get a quick hourglass after the EP7 update is through hunting Elite mob.

Here is a quick view of the Elite Mob location:

There are 20 types of Elite Mobs; you will get a bonus of 500 hourglasses for killing it for the first time. Total 20 Type X500 = 10k hourglass to get.

The elite mob will drop daily bonus mat BOx X5 and wasteland item blueprint.

You will need the stamina to get the elite daily math box, and the blueprint will drop with random chance.

How to farm Elite Mob?

Elite Respawn around 15-30min; they got HP shield, so you need multi-hit to kill it fast. The Elite mob’s loot will randomly share with the player on the same Map. You can lure the elite mob to a lone place to take all the loot. Lightbringer’s mech, orc baby pet, tuna party, flame guard arch mage work effectively in farming elite mob.

Abyss lizard: inside the pool at 6 O’ Clock( long-range stun beam)

You will need to craft the bomb from Spirit Tree and use the skill on the pool to summon it. You will need stun resist or priest’s clearance to prevent the stun.

Sacred Beast: Above the Lizards Pool(Immune áll Drnig, Weakagainst Bomb)

Craft the same bomb from Spirit Tree to damage it (around 6-7 times); other attacks will only deal one damage.

Elite dokebi: Belid Bottom-left Warp Point(EZ/SandBag)

You have to talk to it several times to summon it; it was very weak.

Elite nightmare: left side behind the stave(EZ Sand bag) 

It spawns around this area, which was crowded and early gets killed. 

Elite nightmare: left side behind the stove( AOE hex close range instant kill blast)

Destroy this little flower to summon it; it was hazardous as it can Hex + instant kill blast.

Get on the mount when it hexes you, or use madogear/orc baby/ confuse/ (spirit tree item) to taunt and prevent it from casting skill. 

Elite basilisk: middle, behind warp point (AOE high Dmg+stun +intimidate) 

It had high damage AOE skill, with arch mage’s flame guard, doram’s tuna party, Lightbringer’s madogear, orc baby, anti-fatal to kill it easily. 

Elite Eddga: left side of the spirit tree, pick up its pipe (inflict AOE fear) 

It had AOE fear, so you can open a chat room to prevent running away. 

Elite Parasite: upper-left (ultra fast EQ Strip)

It strips EQ very fast; it makes nearby players all naked in no time.  

Elite wanderer: upper-left, behind transformation facility(sand bag) 

You will need to craft the flute from (spirit tree item) to summon it. It was very weak. 

Elite Kobold Leader: upper left behind the ritual platform (healing)  

The hp shield + healing makes this boss kind of hard to kill. You need high DPS multi-hit to kill or gangbang it with other players.

Elite Ghost:Upper-left, Bring 3 Goblin to the Ritual Platform (Storm Gust Matk)

Escort Goblin A B C to the upper-left spot to summon it. Don’t kill it while summoning; it happens when other players are still new. 

If you can’t find a missing goblin, maybe other players are doing it, waiting for their bring, or the Goblin will go back to their spot after a while. Same strategy; Arch mage’s flame Guard, Doram’s tuna party, Lightbringer’s madogear, Orc baby, bring AB to kill it easily.

Elite Minorous: Upper-Right, 2 Elite will be summoned (AOE Burn with massive Dmg) 

You will need to walk to the very end of the bridge of the upper-right of the Wasteland. If the dialog pops up three times, you will summon it successfully.

You have to lure away and kill it one by 1. It was tough to kill them together as the Burn Aura deals a lot of dmg. (Or AB Heal/Faith Pray from far distance).

Elite Maya:Inside Moonlight Cave, Talk to pillar with(..) Mark (AOE High Dmg)

You will need to talk to the A B C Pillar with (…) at Moonlight cave to summon it.

It was quite easy to bring a Healer to counter its AOE aura dmg.

Elite Golem:Change Weather To (SandStorm] at X mark (AOE Drag) 

Activate the Weather Building & change it to Sandstorm to summon it. Many people change the weather to Rainy for sidequest at an early stage. 

The drag dmg was low; bring a healer & everything will be fine.

Elite Lunatic: Random (AOE Close-Range Stund)

Do not get closer, or you will get stunned til dead. Use Orc Baby/Madogear and long-range attacks to kill it.

Elite Devil’s Eye: Random (Knockback-Stun)

Same strategy; Arch mage’s flame Guard, Doram’s tuna party, Lightbringer’s madogear, Orc baby, bring AB to kill it easily.

Elite Smokie: Random (Master of Teleport)  

You have to use the music player (spirit tree item) to prevent it from teleporting & killing it. It will be going back to its spawn spot; wait for it to come back itself. 

Elite YOYO/martin raff: random( it had skill but weal dmg, so considers as sand bag) 

Other elite mobs were very easy to kill; just HP shields make you take time to kill it.

Spirit Tree Item

Red: drop via elite mob.

Yellow: unlock via spirit Tree

These are the most useful items since other items were kind of normal.

Instant Teleport to Elite Mob

Instant Teleport to Elite Mob will save your time from finding it.  

Let Mob Attack Each Other 

It taunts the mob to attack each other, works on elite mob & prevents them from casting skills.

Large AOE taunt skill for 10 Min

AOE taunts skill that helps some of the job grinding or prevent others from bringing away elite mobs. One item= 10 min duration, stackable. CD: 15 – 10.5 sec. 

Summon 3 Elite Mob From Gate Facility

Use the key to open the gate facility to summon three elite mobs: the Gate respawn every 6 hours on each channel. 

Heard before the mandragon seed trick? Wow you are so smart! 

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