Splitgate Controller Tips

In this guide, you will get to know the tips you must apply in the SplitGate game. These tips will help you out for sure, and you can improve your gaming skills through them.

If you are playing a SplitGate game on a controller, it will be helpful for you in many ways. There are many things you can do through a controller. The joysticks of a controller make strafing very easy for you. You can easily strafe using a controller. If you are gunfighting, you can move left to right or vice versa; it makes it very difficult for your opponent to aim at you.

The other thing you have to do is to take the sensitivity moderate. You have to keep the settings at which you are comfortable. The other tip is that you can customize your buttons. You can map your jumping button to a joystick or bumper. It makes jumping significantly easier for you. 

The other tip is that you have to learn the recoil pattern of your weapon. You will need to go to the practice mode and use your favorite weapons to observe their recoil pattern to understand the pattern. After learning the recoil pattern, it will be easy for you to target them with perfection. 

The other tip is to hit fire. If you are on a controller, it will be very easy for you. If you come to play this game after Call of Duty, the hit fire will help you out.

The other tip is to practice. You have to practice more and more to be perfect in the game. If you customize your buttons, you have to practice them. Just go to the practice mode and learn portal and do as much practice as you want. 

The other tip is that you have to pre-aim your enemies. It will allow you to shoot them first.

You have to practice your portal. At the start, you may face difficulty in the portal, but if you practice more and more, it will get easier for you. The other tip is to use the map to your advantage. You can use covers, low ground, or high ground. The other tip is to keep an eye on you. You can’t look backward as fast on a controller as you can on a mouse or a keyboard. Keep an eye on the radar, and when you feel like someone is about to flank you from behind, you can catch them.

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