Splitgate Weapons Tier List 2023 (Best Weapons)

Splitgate is a multiplayer first-person shooter released in 2021. The game features many playable characters and maps; the players will need to use different tactics for different maps. You can invite your friends into the game to counter the powerful enemies and clear the maps. Splitgate is featured for free on PC, Playstation, and Xbox. 

Rocket Launcher and BFB are the most prominent characters in the S tier; you must pick them as your first choice. The shotgun is the best weapon in the A+ tier. 

The leading weapons in tier A are Sniper Rifle and Battle Rifle. Railgun and Carbine rank in the B tier, while Assault Rifle and SMG rank in the C tier. Some weapons in tier D are Plasma Rifle and Pistol. 

S Tier

Rocket Launcher

A+ Tier


A Tier

Sniper Rifle
Battle Rifle

B Tier


C Tier

Assault Rifle

D Tier

Plasma Rifle
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