Star Wars: Squadrons – Controls Guide

Are you a fan of the Star Wars galaxy? If so, you’ll love this latest game, Star Wars: Squadrons. In this space combat game, you take control of starfighters from the Galactic Empire or the New Republic navy. You have to fly through the stars in your fighter and utilize the movement of power between the ship’s functions of weaponry, shields, and engine. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Star Wars: Squadrons.

Throttle IncreaseWPress W to Increase Throttle
Throttle DecreaseSPress S to Decrease Throttle
Roll LeftAPress A to Roll Left
Roll RightDPress D to Roll Right
PitchMouse Y axisPress Mouse Y axis to Pitch
YawMouse X axisPress Mouse X axis to Yaw
BoostSpacePress Space to Boost
Drift (while boosting)ShiftPress Shift to Drift
Free LookLPress L to Look Freely
Primary WeaponMouse leftPress Mouse left to Use Primary Weapon
Fire Left AuxiliaryMouse 5 / Q:Press Mouse 5 / Q: to Fire Left Auxiliary
Fire Right AuxiliaryMouse right / E:Press Mouse right / E: to Fire Right Auxiliary
Deploy CountermeasuresMouse 4 / RPress Mouse 4 / R to Deploy Countermeasures
Shield to Front / Power to EnginesMouse Wheel UpPress Mouse Wheel Up to Shield to Front / Power to Engines
Shield to Back / Power to WeaponsMouse Wheel DownPress Mouse Wheel Down to Shield to Back / Power to Weapons
Balance Shields / Reset PowerMouse Wheel ClickPress Mouse Wheel Click to Balance Shields / Reset Power
Shield Focus / Power ConversionCPress C to Shield Focus / Power Conversion
Comm Menu6Press 6 to Use Comm Menu
Team ChatYPress Y to Use Team Chat
Ping TargetHPress H to Ping Target
Acknowledge PingBPress B to Acknowledge Ping
Toggle Chat VisibilityIPress I to Toggle Chat Visibility
Increase Engine Power1Press 1 to Increase Engine Power
Increase Weapon Power2Press 2 to Increase Weapon Power
Increase Shield Power3Press 3 to Increase Shield Power
Balance Power4Press 4 to Balance Power
Targeting Menu5Press 5 to Targeting Menu
Select Target AheadTPress T to Select Target Ahead
Cycle TargetsFPress F to Use Cycle Targets
Target My AttackerGPress G to Target My Attacker
MenuEscPress Esc to Open Menu
Show LoadoutTabPress Tab to Show Loadout
VR RecenterPress – to Recenter VR
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