Starbase – Controls Guide

Welcome to the exciting world of Starbase. In this game, you’ll be controlling a humanoid robot as you explore deep interstellar space. This vast and unexplored region is home to small asteroids and large space stations, all of which you can explore and control.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Starbase.

Move ForwardWPress W to Move Forward
Move BackwardSPress S to Move Backward
Strafe LeftAPress A to Strafe Left
Strafe RightDPress D to Strafe Right
Hover UpSpacebarPress Spacebar to Hover Up
Hover DownCtrlPress Ctrl to Hover Down
JumpSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump
CrouchCtrlPress Ctrl to Crouch
Prone PositionXPress X to Prone Position
Magnetic BootsGPress G to Use Magnetic Boots
Align Player RotationQPress Q to Align Player Rotation
Rotate Facing UpwardsNumpad 8Press Numpad 8 to Rotate Facing Upwards

Ship Control

Pitch DownWPress W to Pitch Down
Pitch UpSPress S to Pitch Up
Roll LeftAPress A to Roll Left
Rolle RightDPress D to Rolle Right
Yaw LeftQPress Q to Yaw Left
Yaw RightEPress E to Yaw Right
AccelerateShiftPress Shift to Accelerate
DecelerateCtrlPress Ctrl to Decelerate
Accelerate BackwardsHomePress Home to Accelerate Backwards
Decelerate BackwardsEndPress End to Decelerate Backwards
Fire Ship TurretsSpacebarPress Spacebar to Fire Ship Turrets
Strafe Ship UpArrow UpPress Arrow Up to Strafe Ship Up
Strafe Ship DownArrow DownPress Arrow Down to Strafe Ship Down
Strafe Ship LeftArrow LeftPress Arrow Left to Strafe Ship Left
Strafe Ship RightArrow RightPress Arrow Right to Strafe Ship Right
Device Bind MenuVPress V to Device Bind Menu
Turret Pith DownWPress W to Turret Pith Down
Turret Pitch UpSPress S to Turret Pitch Up
Turret Yaw RightDPress D to Turret Yaw Right
Turret Yaw LeftAPress A to Turret Yaw Left
Turret Aim UpEPress E to Turret Aim Up
Turret Aim DownQPress Q to Turret Aim Down
Fire TurretsSpacebarPress Spacebar to Fire Turrets
Turret Precision MovementShiftPress Shift to Turret Precision Movement


Primary ActionLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Use Primary Action
Secondary ActionRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Use Secondary Action
Reload WeaponRPress R to Reload Weapons
Zoom ModeRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Use Zoom Mode
Interact with WorldF or Left Mouse ButtonPress F or Left Mouse Button to Interact with World
Cursor ModeTabPress Tab to Use Cursor Mode
Pick Up and Equip ItemFPress F to Pick Up and Equip Item
Swap Camera while in Third PersonVPress V to Swap Camera while in Third Person
Third Person Camera ZoonAltPress Alt to Zoom Third Person Camera
Look Around (Cursor Mode)Right Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Look Around (Cursor Mode)
Weapon Fire ModeZPress Z to Use Weapon Fire Mode
Backpack Special FunctionTPress T to Backpack Special Function
Lower or Raise ItemBPress B to Lower or Raise Item
HeadlampNPress N to Use Headlamp
Display Ship BlueprintMPress M to Display Ship Blueprint
Toggle Blueprint LayerFPress F to Toggle Blueprint Layer

Manipulating Items

Carry ItemEPress E to Carry Item
Move Carried ItemLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Move Carried Item
Rotate Carried ItemRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Rotate Carried Item
Pickup Item to InventoryPPress P to Pickup Item to Inventory

Carrying Items

Enable Carried Item SnappingCPress C to Enable Carried Item Snapping
Reset Carried Item RotationRPress R to Reset Carried Item Rotation
Rotate Around X-axisXPress X to Rotate Around X-axis
Rotate Around Y-axisYPress Y to Rotate Around Y-axis
Rotate Around Z-axisZPress Z to Rotate Around Z-axis
Personal InventoryIPress I to Open Personal Inventory
Research Tech TreeKPress K to Open Research Tech Tree
Special MenuOPress O to Open Special Menu
Company MenuJPress J to Open Company Menu
Crafting MenuHPress H to Open Crafting Menu
Auction Menu,Press , to Open Auction Menu
Universal ToolUPress U to Use Universal Tool
Feedback ToolF1Press F1 to Use Feedback Tool


Open/Close ChatEnterPress Enter to Open/Close Chat
Close/UnfocusEscPress Esc to Close/Unfocus
Reply to WhisperBackspacePress Backspace to Reply to Whisper
Chat WindowLPress L to Open Chat Window
Scroll UpPage UpPress Page Up to Scroll Up
Scroll DownPage DownPress Page Down to Scroll Down


Toggle LifelineF2Press F2 to Toggle Lifeline
Screenshot ModeF3Press F3 to Use Screenshot Mode
Switch Audio Signal Channel=Press = to Switch Audio Signal Channel
Easy Build Mode.Press . to Use Easy Build Mode

Shared Designer Controls

Move Tool1Press 1 to Move the Tool
Rotate Tool2Press 2 to Rotate the Tool
Select Tool3Press 3 to Select Tool
Bolt Tool4Press 4 to Bolt Tool
Cable/Pipe Tool5Press 5 to Cable/Pipe Tool
Durability Tool6Press 6 to Durability Tool
Snap Tool7 or VPress 7 or V to Snap Tool
Socket Tool8Press 8 to Socket Tool
Autobolt Tool9Press 9 to Auto bolt Tool
90° Rotate Over n-axisn = Z, X or YPress n = Z, X, or Y to 90° Rotate Over n-axis
Free Rotate Over n-axisn = Z, X or Y Pressed + Move MousePress n = Z, X or Y Pressed + Move Mouse to Free Rotate Over n-axis
UndoCtrl + ZPress Ctrl + Z to Undo
RedoCtrl + YPress Ctrl + Y to Redo
Area SelectMB1 + DragPress MB1 + Drag to Area Select
Add to SelectionShift + MB1Press Shift + MB1 to Add to Selection
Remove from SelectionCtrl + MB1Press Ctrl + MB1 to Remove from Selection
CopyCtrl +C or move tool active + Shift + MB1 + drag on any axisPress Ctrl +C or move tool active + Shift + MB1 + drag on any axis to Copy
PasteCtrl + VPress Ctrl + V to Paste
CutCtrl + XPress Ctrl + X to Cut
New ModuleCtrl + EPress Ctrl + E to Use New Module
Attach Object(s) to a ModuleCtrl + R + MB1Press Ctrl + R + MB1 to Attach Object(s) to a Module
Detach Object(s) to a ModuleCtrl + Shift + RPress Ctrl + Shift + R to Detach Object(s) to a Module
Toggle Test Flight ModeF5Press F5 to Toggle Test Flight Mode
Move Camera AngleMB2 (Hold) + Move MousePress MB2 (Hold) + Move Mouse to Move Camera Angle
Move CameraW, A, S, and D (+ Shift for increased speed)Press W, A, S, and D (+ Shift for increased speed) to Move the Camera
Move Scene (Without Moving Camera/Angle)Spacebar or MB3 + Move MousePress Spacebar or MB3 + Move Mouse to Move Scene
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