Starbound: How to Find Fuel & Fill Your Ship

Fuel is a necessity in the game if you want to explore the distant corners of the world because your ship requires it to run. However, whenever you go to your ship, it shows that you have zero fuel, which is intimidating because it makes you stuck at a particular place. I have seen many of my companions complaining about this problem, and that is why I decided to make a tutorial that will show you exactly how you can fill your ship. Most people think that it is difficult to find fuel, but I am going to show you how easy it is.

To find fuel, all you need is your nice and master manipulator or a pickaxe, and the next thing you need is coal. Coal is a lot easier to find than you think. Coal is extremely abundant and you are going to find it anywhere you go.

As the coal is very abundant, the collection of coal poses one problem, that is, wherever there is coal, you will find monsters there. If you try to collect the coal, the monsters will attack you. To get the coal, you first need to get rid of these monsters. So when you are finished with the monsters, quick dig with the pickaxe, and mine up the coal.

When you have collected some coal, you need to teleport this coal to the ship.

As you are back in your ship, have a look at your inventory, and it will tell exactly how much coal do you have with you. Now you might be wondering how to use the coal for fuel. You must be aware that coal is used for fire, and your ship uses fossil fuel to run. So this is it. Transfer the coal to the ship and then check your fuel.

After adding some fuel, the ratio of the fuel in your fuel tank will become 800/1000.

The more coal you convert into fossil fuel, the more the bar increases that indicates the amount of the fuel.

One thing worth mentioning is that always keep some coal reserved in your chest so that when you need fuel in an emergency, you will have it instantly. For instance, if you are exploring far off places, and in case you don’t find any landable planet, you don’t get stuck. This is what happens most of the times. This thing is really frustrating when your spaceship is stuck in space, and you don’t have any way of moving up or down. This coal reserve will help you in these troublesome situations.

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