Stardew Valley: Guide to Win Egg Festival

In the Stardew valley, the Egg Festival is arranged on yearly basis. As the name suggests, the festival is somehow related to eggs. For those of you who had already played the festival must know what it is all about, but those who are new and still don’t know about it, let me disclose the information. In the egg festival, you are supposed to collect as many eggs as possible, which are hidden all around you.

To win the egg festival, initially, you must have some idea about the surroundings and paths. Once you are familiar with the map and the paths, there are good chances that you can win the festival. But to increase the winning possibility more and more, you need to play the festival many times, so you would get an overall idea where the eggs are hidden.

The egg festival begins in the town square

Once you reach the egg festival, you will see many people gathered there. Some of them will be participating in the game, while others will be just there to enjoy. When all the members are ready, there will be a pop-up on the screen asking whether everyone is ready.

If you click the ready button, everyone would be arranged. Once everyone is arranged, you will get some instructions.

It would be asked finally whether everyone is ready:

When everyone says we are ready, there will be a pop-up, a message saying “Let the egg hunt begin”, and everyone would run to find eggs.

The most important thing worth mentioning is that your energy level matters a lot. When you come to the festival, make sure that you have eaten something powerful that will boost your energy. If you find that there is nothing to eat, don’t worry because there are plenty of shops nearby and which are selling edibles. You can buy anything from there quickly and eat it.

As mentioned earlier, you must also have a clear sense of the map. For instance, you don’t have to struggle for finding paths. It is also important to note that you will find many eggs hidden behind the fences, and not in the open ground. So make sure that you go inside the fences and try to find eggs. Look here, this is an egg hidden behind the fence:

You might also find eggs at unusual places, for instance, I found an egg near the garbage place. It’s an unusual place and nobody thought that there would be an egg placed here. I also found it by coincidence.

Another important place for finding eggs is near the trees. Many eggs that I found in the game were placed under or near the trees. As there are lots of trees in the game, so it is very difficult to find the trees which are hiding eggs. Due to the time limitation, I would suggest that instead of stopping by every tree, you should go for trees with unusual color. I found an egg near a tree whose color was lighter than other trees.

Finally, when the time is over and you get back to the exact spot from where you started, you will find that all the participants are gathered again. Eggs of each participant will be counted and the one with highest eggs – hopefully, you – will win the festival.

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