Stardew Valley: How to Save Game

Stardew Valley is an open-ended role-playing game about country life. You’ll go through the ups and downs of starting a farm, making friends with the locals, and finding valley secrets. It is up to you to choose your route… will you devote your time to farming and animal care? 

Stardew Valley includes an auto-save feature that automatically keeps track of your progress throughout the game. This means players don’t need to manually save their game since the system does it for them, ensuring that their progress is recorded without having to worry about manually saving.

Auto-Save system 

Auto-Save system of Stardew Valley automatically saves your progress every night. When its night time, you have to make your way home and simply sleep on your bed to record your progress. A message will appear on the screen, indicating your game is being saved.  

We have covered the method to save your game in Stardew Valley.