Stardew Valley: Tips & Tricks (Complete Guide)

If you are planning to start Stardew Valley anytime soon – or if you are already playing it – here are few tips and tricks that will help you a lot.

  1. Buy a Ton of Seeds

Buy as many seeds as you can on day one. You will need a bunch of them for the bundles in the community center, and people will ask for them in quests. Whenever a new season starts, immediately buy all the seeds that you want to plant that season. Some plants keep on growing when you have harvested them once, so you can get a ton of easy money out of them. But, if you start planting too late, you will be shooting yourself in the foot.

  1. Get the Bags First

The first thing you need to do when you have bought as many seeds as you could on your first day is that save 2000 gold to buy an upgrade to your backpack at a general store. Once you have got this, save another 10,000 gold coins to buy the next upgrade. Trust me, inventory space is life.

  1. Look for Wiggly Things in the Ground

You sometimes see these wiggly little things in the ground, and you might think that these are useless things. But, you can dig these things out for all kinds of loot like library editions, artifacts, or fruit.

  1. Remember Birthdays

Don’t ever forget birthdays; if you give any villager a birthday present, and if the villager likes it, you will get 640 friendship points. That’s equal to three full hearts. If you don’t have anything they love, but something that they like will also get 360 friendship points. And don’t worry if you have gifted someone two gifts that week, the birthday gifts can be given regardless of time. I forgot about this and missed all the spring birthdays. Basically, all of my friendships are built on never talking to anyone, but giving them one birthday gift every year. You might be wondering why most of the people like me in the town, well, the reason is that they start sending you recipes and gifts once they warm up to you.

  1. Sell Gold and Silver Stars

Sell all the gold and silver stars you have because there is no need to keep them. These stars never give extra friendship points, besides no one asks for high-quality items; they do increase in value a ton but it requires a lot of time.

  1. Quick Buy

You can buy a bunch of items at the same time by pressing shift and right mouse button. This is a very easy method as well as very handy. This is also very important for crafting stuff too.

  1. Bubbles are Bait

The little bubbles you see on the water don’t have super fish in them, but when you fish in the bubbles, you will get hits much faster. It’s basically super bait.

  1. Check Pierre Store for Quests

In Pierre’s store, you will find a calendar which you can use to find birthdays and festivals. Apart from that, you will also find some quest on the calendar every once a while, so don’t forget to check it. Because they pay you more money for your items, it certainly means that they like you.

  1. How to Catch Treasure Chests

While you are fishing, sometimes a treasure chest shows up. To catch it, you need to move the green bar over the chest, just like you would do to a fish. The important thing is that you also have to catch the fish or you won’t get either fish or the chest. So make sure that you have a full bar for grabbing the fish, then grab the treasure chest and go back to the fish.

  1. Silo First, Animals Later

Get a silo first and then get the animals. I didn’t enjoy my first winter because I ended up buying tons of animal platters. Also, make sure to visit the farm and pet all of the animals by clicking on them. Animals love petting.

  1. The Secret Woods

To the north of the wizard tower in the woods is a large log that you can destroy with the help of an ax. Behind the forest, there is a secret tree stump that draws hardwood every day. Hardwood is extremely important because, with the help of it, you can make quality fences. Also, you need them for a house upgrade, and to build stables too.

  1. Watch TV

Watch TV every morning. There is this program “Queen of Sauce” that teaches you new cooking recipes. And when you watch the fortune teller, they will tell you how lucky you will be that day. When it says you will be lucky today, it’s a good day to go to mining or fishing.

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