The dwarf can be found to the right after you enter the mines.

But, first, you have to remove the rock, and I used a bomb for this purpose. Finally, there was dwarf looking at you with weary creepy-looking eyes. Even when you find him, you cannot see its face. The dwarf is an outstanding merchant, and he can sell you different things that are available nowhere else.

The only troubling thing is that in order to talk to him, you will have to collect doorman speak guide, and only then you will be able to talk to him.


Dwarf offers you different items, for instance, it offers Life Elixir which will restore your health to full, and you can get it for 2000 gold coins. The other important thing offered by dwarf is Oil of Garlic, and if you drink this potion, other weak monsters won’t dare come near you. You can also get Cherry Bomb from dwarf only for 300 gold coins which will generate an explosion. Other items are as follows:

Bomb: it makes an explosion, and you can get it for 600 gold coins.

Mega Bomb: this is a really destructive thing and you should use it with extreme care because it will generate a big explosion. You can get it for 1000 gold coins.

Miner’s treat: it will boost your energy. It is available for 1000 gold coins.

Scarecrow: you can collect all Scarecrows only for 2500 gold coins.

Weathered Floor Recipe: it is a recipe for making a weathered floor, and is available for 500 gold coins.

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