Starlight Alliance – Controls Guide

Starlight Alliance is a role-playing third-person shooter game. Cyris and Lea are the two playable characters in the game. It offers different elements like character development, puzzle-solving, and exploration. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Starlight Alliance.

Pause / Menu / SkipEnterPress Enter to Pause / Menu / Skip
Jump / AcceptSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump / Accept
Run / DuckLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Run / Duck
Shield / CancelLeft CtrlPress Left Ctrl to Shield / Cancel
Shoot (Aim)XPress X to Shoot (Aim)
Shoot (Straight)CPress C to Shoot (Straight)
Change CharacterQPress Q to Change Character
UpWPress W to Move Up
LeftAPress A to Move Left
DownSPress S to Move Down
RightDPress D to Move Right
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